Faceter on IPhone

Faceter is a video surveillance cloud service. Now available on smartphone! Install Faceter to always have your surveillance camera with you.

Faceter for IOSFaceter for Android

Faceter is a system that makes video surveillance smart, changing cameras from just seeing to thinking – face recognition, object detection and real-time video content analysis.

100 000+
satisfied customers
50 000+
people monitor their homes using Faceter
1 000+
installs of Faceter app a day

Faceter for yourself

Every house has more than one device with a camera. Do not spend money on an expensive video surveillance system because you have everything at hand!

Baby monitor

Stay in touch with your children 24/7. Faceter will always let you look at your home from any place, you’ll be able to see and hear what is happening there.

Home staff

Install Faceter on your smartphone and watch the progress of cleaning service and another home staff.

Pet sitting

Are you worried about your pet? A simple and effective way not only to watch your pet, but also to save interesting moments from the recorded archive while you are not at home - Faceter.

Service quality control

Just leave a smartphone with installed Faceter at the object you need to control and monitor quality of all services: construction, maintenance, repair works, connection of equipment, etc.

How it works?

Install Faceter mobile app on your device

Place your camera phone in any position and launch the camera mode in the Faceter app

You are all set! Just open Faceter on your another device (viewing device) to view the camera 24/7

Install and use Faceter 24/7 for free!

Faceter for IOSFaceter for Android

Faceter for business

Faceter is a perfect partner, ready to work without a break. With Faceter you will always be informed about everything happening in your company, wherever you are at the time.

Cloud surveillance for the store


Successful business starts with high-quality customer service. Install Faceter on your smartphone and place it in your store to make sure that staff serves customers the right way.

Cloud video surveillance system at the warehouse


With Faceter you are always sure that your property is safe and treated with care.

Surveillance system in a restaurant and cafe


Install Faceter and observe kitchen, staff, visitors and atmosphere in your restaurant.

Cloud monitoring system for office


With Faceter, having a big office, a lot of employees and little time is not a problem anymore: you always know what is going on in your absence.

Observation with recording in the cloud for HOA

Housing Co-Op

A cozy front yard and a safe playground together with Faceter: captures anyone entering the front yard, helps with monitoring parking spaces and protecting cars.

CCTV to monitor the construction site


Control the construction process with Faceter! In addition to monitoring the construction itself, it is necessary to monitor the safety of construction materials.

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