as it was never presented before

We hadn't found the handy software. So we made it ourselves and are now sharing it with you.

Faceter present

Convenience, ease of use, functionality - this is how other manufacturers usually describe their product... But what does it really mean?

Let the Faceter talk
for itself.

Just look how it works in our office:

The ideal solution
for employee monitoring

From the home camera, where it is important to quickly find the necessary fragments with the movement, to the large enterprises and shops, where dozens of cameras are installed and advanced analytics is needed: face recognition, photo search, white/black lists and much more.

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Appartments & Estates
  • Warehouses

Faceter works with any IP-cameras

Fast start
in a few clicks

Try cloud solution
for free


1 day of archive storage

Free on mobile


7 days of archive storage

R290 per camera per month

Optimal Recommended

14 days of archive storage

R300 per camera per month


30 days of archive storage

R400 per camera per month


Faceter can work on your hardware

Installed on customer
Unlimited archive
R350 per camera one-time payment and only
R50 per camera yearly for support and updates
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Faceter has intelligence and vision

We are experts in artificial intelligence technologies and are able to: recognize faces with an up to 99.8% accuracy, count the customer service time, keep black/white lists of visitors with notifications, track movement paths with the construction of heat maps and much more

We also provide a convenient API for
integration with your loyalty program
or CRM system

Free consultation

Take a look on this excamples of how we show customer service statistics or monitor buyer and seller interactions

For CCTV installers

Stop delivering the bad software to your customers

Get constant income from
cloud storage
Earn on analytics services
Become a Faceter reseller and we will send you customers