Cloud-based Video Surveillance: 10 Advantages of Using Technology

Cloud video surveillance is a technology that involves combining cameras with transmitting information to the cloud server and the ability to read it online. With the increasing speed of the mobile internet, the use of such technologies is available to everyone and allows you to solve a wide range of problems. Unlike standard systems, cloud-based video surveillance can be organized not only using IP equipment but also with the help of cameras of phones or tablet devices. As a result, the compactness and mobility of the system are increased, the cost of maintenance and equipment purchase is reduced.

The advantages of cloud-based video surveillance

The development of technology and high-speed mobile internet has made cloud video surveillance one of the best solutions for home and business. This fact is due to the advantages of the system over other technologies, including DVR, VMS, and NVR. For clarity, we summarize the advantages of cloud video surveillance in a table.

Criterion Standard Video Surveillance Cloud-based Video Surveillance
Installation A long and complicated process. It is necessary to configure a router, servers for storage, and other equipment. High installation speed. Cameras are configured automatically.
Costs High costs of maintenance, configuration, backup, equipment purchase, software installation, system mounting, and so on. Equipment costs are minimal. Payment is only for archive storage.
Storage Information is stored on local servers, which limits the capabilities of the equipment. A flexible storage system allows you to independently increase the period of access to information without replacing equipment.
Configuration After installing surveillance cameras, manual configuration is necessary. It is enough to connect the equipment to the system, after which it is automatically configured.
Update Standard systems quickly become obsolete. Often, users cannot download updates themselves. They have to call the specialists, and this is an additional cost. The main programs are in the cloud server, so the installation of new software is automatic. Thanks to this feature, the user receives new functions and analytical capabilities without additional intervention.
Protection If you want to get remote access, the equipment installer performs an Internet connection. OS protection issues, hacker attack prevention, and other security issues have to decide for yourself. There is no risk of hacking because when transmitting video there is no local software, firewalls, and public ports. Self-configuration of protection is not necessary.
Remote access The function is provided at the request of the user, therefore picture quality and protection are often far from ideal. Remote access is the main function. The user gets a minimum time delay and a security guarantee.
Back up As a rule, creating an archive is an additional option and requires payment. This increases customer expenses. A backup is a built-in option. Thanks to the capabilities of a more advanced cloud system, videos can be stored at minimal cost and guarantee data savings in case of loss of the Internet.
Additional features Functionality is limited and new features are available only at an additional cost. Many analysis systems, for example, face recognition, are provided by default. This option is convenient for business and allows it to calculate the service time, track movement, and solve other issues.

It is only a part of the advantages of cloud-based video surveillance. Not surprisingly, many business representatives and ordinary people already use this technology. They appreciated the savings and advantages in the process of initial and further investments, the reliability and self-sufficiency of the system.

For the home

Cloud video surveillance is the best solution for the home, allowing you to reduce the cost of installation and maintenance of equipment, having advanced functionality and security of personal data. You can use modern IP-cameras or ordinary phones with built-in camera modules as the equipment.

Pros of cloud video surveillance for the home:

  1. Connecting cameras does not take much time; you can use existing phones or tablet devices to save upfront costs.
  2. Access to real-time video or view archived information from anywhere in the world. The archive is available even when the router is disabled at home.
  3. Providers and software creator are responsible for information security. When creating the program, all questions regarding data protection are thought out to the smallest detail. The connection is performed using the https protocol, which eliminates data leakage.
  4. The number of cameras can be expanded at any time without the need to change equipment settings, call specialists, or other expenses. Cloud-based video surveillance is highly flexible in terms of installation.
  5. In the event of equipment failures, information is stored on a cloud server and is available for viewing at any time. Data is protected from accidental fires, flooding, and other force majeure situations.
  6. Support for modern IP cameras, which allows you to expand the capabilities of home video surveillance. You can control the operation of the equipment in remote mode.
  7. Updating and enhancing the level of security takes place automatically without the involvement of specialists and additional costs.
  8. The storage period of the recorded information can be changed independently and without calling the specialist. All that is required is to buy a new tariff plan.
  9. Costs include only two components – the purchase of equipment and cloud services. You can save on the first component if you use devices that are already at hand (smartphones, tablets).
  10. Any information about changes in the house, for example, movement in an empty apartment, instantly comes on the phone or other device of the owner. This feature allows you to instantly take action in case of getting into the apartment/house of unauthorized persons.

Cloud surveillance for the home offers endless possibilities. Using it, you can solve the following tasks:

  •         monitor the babysitter and home staff;
  •         organize a video broadcast with the output of information to a site or blog;
  •         monitor pets;
  •         protect the local area;
  •         control the actions of children;
  •         monitor disabled older family members;
  •         monitor the metering devices;
  •         check the operation of installed sensors, etc.

For business

Cloud-based video surveillance is a business solution aimed at protecting material assets and effective control with minimal expenses. The system can be installed in a cafe, shop, office, warehouse, or other facilities. Unlike standard technology, the user receives additional functions, a high level of automation and convenience.

The advantages of cloud video surveillance for business:

  1. Compatibility with IP-cameras of different levels and the possibility of expanding the functionality due to simpler devices (for example, mobile phones).
  2. In the case of robbery and illegal actions of employees, videos in the cloud storage are always available for viewing. The user at any time has access to the stored records during the guaranteed period of storage of information.
  3. Built-in analytics can save on additional costs. The available capabilities are sufficient to obtain the following functions – face recognition, photo search, creating white and black lists, visitor control, and other options.
  4. The possibility of saving on the equipment of the guard post and hiring an additional operator. The object can be controlled remotely independently, and video analytics systems help in solving the most important problems.
  5. Security guarantee due to encryption of information transferred between equipment installed at the guarded object and the cloud service. Due to this feature, the risk of DDoS attacks, image spoofing, camera hacking, or other malicious actions is reduced.
  6. To start the system, you do not need to attract specialists and pay money for the installation. Even non-specialist can do all work. After registration in the cloud service, the necessary interface and functions are provided automatically. Additional configuration is minimal or not necessary at all.
  7. There is an opportunity to save on the purchase of a video server or DVR, monitor, hard drives, uninterruptible power supply, and other equipment.
  8. Due to the versatility of cloud-based video surveillance, it can be installed at various business facilities – restaurants, kindergartens, parking lots, pet hotels, service stations, shops, markets, etc.
  9. Security is provided centrally, which eliminates the difficulty of configuring each camera individually.
  10. The configuration of equipment requires minimal time. There is no need to configure a router, configure additional monitors or other equipment.

Cloud-based video surveillance for business is the ability to plan costs for many months. Also, the accounting process is simplified, which is important for large companies. As a result, you can save on server support, hiring workers, remote access, etc.

Using cloud video surveillance, you can solve the following business issues:

  •         control the work of personnel in office and office premises;
  •         organize video security;
  •         protect expensive equipment and machines;
  •         track the interaction of the buyer and seller;
  •         receive statistics on customer service;
  •         make white and black lists of customers;
  •         use the face recognition option;
  •         deal with fraudulent in the enterprise, etc.

Cloud-based video surveillance allows you to solve problems of varying complexity without significant costs and time-saving.


Cloud video surveillance is a modern technology that allows you to protect your home or business, having full control over what is happening. Information from surveillance cameras is available at any time, data is stored for a certain time and is available for download at any time. Unlike standard systems, the use of cloud-based video surveillance is highly cost-effective, and even a non-professional can configure it. The result is saving money without losing functionality.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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