The level of responsibility of buildings and structures and video surveillance

Video surveillance performs the tasks of ensuring security in a particular territory. The more dangerous the object of observation, the more detailed it is necessary to approach the issue of installing a video monitoring system. Today we will talk about the level of responsibility of construction projects, their types, and the need for monitoring.

What is the level of responsibility of buildings and structures?

The level of responsibility of buildings and structures is a sign of an object under construction, which identifies the level of danger of the object. The technical regulation of the issue is indicated in the legislation of the Russian Federation (No. 384-F3 of December 30, 2009).

Three levels identify buildings, and structures in the Law:

Three levels identify buildings and structures in the Law:

Reduced are temporary objects, auxiliary use, used in the construction or overhaul of a building. This also includes seasonal objects and those that are on the land allocated for individual housing construction.

Advanced are dangerous structures, unique and technically complex. Their list is defined in the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

Normal are all other buildings and structures.

Video surveillance at low-liability facilities

When we talk about objects with reduced liability, it is mainly about individual construction. Video control at private facilities is used in housing construction to monitor the progress of work.

Monitoring allows you to monitor compliance with safety standards, prevent theft of building materials, and monitor workers’ presence at the workplace.

Video surveillance at facilities of normal responsibility

Objects with normal responsibility include office buildings, shopping centers, public organizations, and other structures unrelated to the other two levels of responsibility.

As a rule, these are structures, the construction of which must be carried out thoroughly, on time, with strict observance of safety measures for humans.

Installation of a video surveillance system throughout the construction site, on special equipment solves many issues of security, and discipline and prevents theft of goods and materials. Video monitoring allows you to remotely monitor the presence of builders at the workplace, the progress of construction, and the availability of materials for work.

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Video surveillance at high-risk facilities 

The list of signs of objects of increased danger is quite extensive. Here is a brief list of indicators by which the risk and technical complexity of the facility under construction are determined: 

  • use of atomic energy, and radioactive substances; 
  • power lines; 
  • space infrastructure; 
  • air transport; 
  • any hydraulic structures (including the port); 
  • railway infrastructure and transport
  • thermal power plants; 
  • communication objects; 
  • ropeways; 
  • other hazardous production facilities.

The need to install video surveillance at such facilities is difficult to overestimate. The characteristics of their danger require the most serious approach to safety during construction and subsequent operation. Therefore, it is necessary to use all available video control functionality.

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How can Faceter help?

When you need to provide functional and smart video surveillance in construction, contact the Faceter service. The cloud video monitoring service provided by the company has long established itself as reliable, affordable, and multitasking.

Video surveillance at the construction site monitors the implementation of safety rules, which is extremely important for such an object. The discipline of employees, fixing the facts of hack work, and theft is also the concern of the video monitoring system.

Useful for monitoring and maintaining black-and-white lists of visitors. The face recognition function allows you to control the attendance of the construction site.

Video surveillance with Faceter will significantly improve the quality of delivered objects, compliance with deadlines, and save nerve cells for the business owner.

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Any construction project, whether it is an individual housing construction, a cable car, or a future large office center, requires increased attention and control of the construction process. People’s lives depend on it. A professional, integrated approach to installing video surveillance solves many problems to ensure security and business efficiency.

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