Silhouette Recognition: 3 Reasons for Implementing the System in the Moscow Region

In many public places in the Moscow region, the video surveillance systems began to introduce the function of “recognition of silhouettes of people.” Video surveillance in medical institutions, passenger transport, shops, parks, and other crowded places has been equipped with such an opportunity. In total, about two hundred objects are involved. What is it, and why and how does it work? Please read about it in the article.

What is a silhouette recognition system?

Each person has a unique silhouette. Movement, body parameters, its outlines – everything is unique. It’s like fingerprints. This principle is used by the system “recognition of silhouettes.” Video analytics receives faceless data according to the given parameters: age, visits to certain places, etc.

The matrix captures, remembers, and analyzes the resulting silhouette, comparing it with data from other similar information bases.

3 reasons to implement the system

Let us analyze the main reasons for using a silhouette recognition system in video surveillance. There are three such reasons:

  1. Marketing research. Video monitoring enables merchants to determine the most passing places, peak hours and use this data to locate a profitable outlet.

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  • Determining the workload of objects. Monitoring analyzes the routes of people’s movements at different facilities at different times of the day.

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  • Response to crime. The silhouette recognition system can accurately detect a fight on the street, drinking alcohol, smoking in the wrong place, etc. This is an operational signal to law enforcement officers.

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Detection algorithm

The algorithm of the system operation can be explained in simple words: if necessary, the recorded faceless silhouette is compared with the silhouettes from the shared database from other cameras, and the option where the camera recorded his face is selected. This determines the identity of the person to be identified.

In addition, the silhouette recognition system captures the exact number of people in the desired area and tracks the movement of a specific silhouette. The density of crowds does not interfere with the performance of tasks.

Such opportunities provide invaluable assistance, for example, in searching for street thieves. Video cameras fix the offense, track the route and the offender’s movement, and “find” his face if only a silhouette was initially available.

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Face recognition from the Faceter service

Video surveillance has long ceased to help in ensuring security. Constant replenishment of the list of available functions has made video monitoring an excellent assistant for business.

An active participant in the video surveillance services market is Faceter. One of the options provided in the cloud video monitoring service is face recognition. What does it give the user?

  1. Analysis of visitors by gender and age.
  2. Prompt identification of new and regular customers.
  3. Discounts for the purchase of goods without using a discount card.

These are not all the benefits. The user’s video archives are securely protected in cloud storage. Only the owner of the archive has round-the-clock access to video files. All video storage is the responsibility of the provider.

The face recognition algorithm does not limit the number of databases used. And this ability helps to identify a wanted person and respond quickly.

Using the face recognition function when interacting with employees allows you to control and keep track of working time, monitor discipline, and identify violations of the labor process. In addition, it becomes possible to monitor compliance with corporate customer service standards. And this has a significant impact on revenue. Find more details on our website


Technology does not stand still and is actively developing. Increasingly, news about the introduction of another high-tech innovation began to appear. Contact time-tested professionals. Make the most of your video surveillance system. This is no longer a luxury but a part of modern life modern.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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