If your children stay home alone or with a babysitter

When leaving home, install the free Faceter program on your old smartphone, use it as a camera and you will always be able to look at your home from any place, as well as to see and hear what is happening there. Besides, you can scroll through the archive which is available to you during two days absolutely free.

Use a phone as a baby monitor, securing it next to the crib. You can watch your child from another room, the camera will transmit a clear picture with sound to your phone, even if the room is dark.

How to make a baby monitor on a smartphone:


Take an old phone and the phone you are using now and install Faceter app.


Select the camera mode on your old phone and the monitor mode on the phone you use constantly.


Put the old phone in place for monitoring.

Done! Now you can open the application on your main smartphone and make sure that your children are okay. Anytime, wherever you are.

Install and use Faceter 24/7 for free!

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