Faceter has intelligence and vision

We are experts in artificial intelligence technologies and are able to: recognize faces with up to 99.8% accuracy, record the duration of customer service interactions, keep black/white lists of visitors with notifications, track movement paths with the construction of heat maps, and much more.

We also provide a convenient API for integration with your loyalty program or CRM system.

Take a look at these examples of

how we present customer service statistics


monitor buyer and seller interactions

Facial recognition

Do you want to know the number of unique visitors? Or to receive an alert when a key customer or person from the black list arrives?

Count of unique, new and returning visitors

Keeping lists of visitors with customized notifications

Flexible API for integration with Big Data Analysis Systems (BigData)

Classification of visitors by gender and age

Quick search for videos by faces

120 EUR per month
The effectiveness of the computer vision algorithms is confirmed by the University of Washington

Attendance control

Do you want to know how many customers have you lost due to the absence of your staff on the workplace?

Faceter monitors the presence of staff and customers in specified areas, which allows you to take up a notch in customer service. For example, you can easily check who and how much time was at the counter while an employee was not on his workplace or to find out how many such customers were lost. Knowing that data could reduce the shortfall in profits.

Measuring the staff time spent with customers

Highly precised worktime detalization

Quick view of related video archive fragments

Measuring the customer time spent on waiting for service

Notifications on deviation of indicators from the norm

11 EUR per month

Service Quality Control

Artificial Intelligence is already responsible for hiring and firing employees (Amazon), marketing and project management (IBM Watson) and other important areas. Get the most out of your CCTV system with Faceter.

How your employees meet customers and say goodbye?
What emotions do customers experience during the communication with your employees?
How long do customers wait in line?
Have customers been told about promotions and specials?
What other regulations have been violated?
Faceter will answer on all these questions

Up to 60% of revenue remains lost monthly due to non-compliance with service standards by employees. In the medium term, this leads to low customer retention rates and, as a result, even greater losses.

How it works?


The list of parameters and possible violations to respond on are created


The cameras covering all customer contact areas are installed


Faceter neural networks begin to automatically record up to 90% of all violations using obtained facial data, recognized keywords and customer information


All events are recorded in a convenient log along with the corresponding video, and you can also configure notifications for particular events

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