Video surveillance of animals in the zoo: 6 reasons + live broadcasts

Watching wildlife is always an exciting activity. But sometimes, video surveillance of animals becomes vital for them. It’s about zoos. Yes, there is the staff who feed and look after them. Yet there are reasons why 24/7 monitoring is required. In the article, we understand the issues of video monitoring of animals.

Features of installing a video camera in a zoo

A large zoo area requires many cameras. Moreover, you need to watch the animals and the visitors. Animal lovers can feed a zoo resident “forbidden” food or approach predators at a dangerous distance.

It is not easy to install video equipment in a zoo. Animal surveillance cameras should be placed in a cage, aquarium, terrarium, etc. The installation and operation process is complicated because living creatures fly, crawl, and jump in “their home.” If necessary, specific humidity, temperature, and illumination are observed here. These complex factors require an individual approach when installing equipment at each observation point. Installing a video surveillance camera in a place inaccessible to the animal becomes the main task for high-quality video monitoring.

6 reasons to install a camera

It would seem, why do we need video monitoring of animals? They sleep, eat, and walk. Why spend money on the complicated installation of expensive cameras?

There are several reasons to install surveillance cameras in a zoo. All of them are related to safety. Consider the most common for everyone.

  1. The animal has just arrived; you need to watch how the adaptation goes.
  2. The animal is sick. Round-the-clock video surveillance is vital for him.
  3. Observation of relationships in a group of animals. It happens that an individual is not accepted into the pack, and “persecution” begins. This must be noticed in time and measures taken to save the animal.
  4. Visitor behavior. Out of ignorance or for “fun,” people feed the animal with unsuitable food or throw foreign objects into the cage. Both are extremely dangerous for the animal. Observation will help prevent injury or death of the animal.

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  1. Too brave visitors. Such people try to get closer to the animals, not realizing the danger. Here it is necessary to save the daredevils quickly.
  2. Suspicious Activity Warning. The zoo is visited by many people every day. Like any public place, it requires enhanced monitoring of order in order to avoid dangerous offenses.

Live broadcasts

When there is no time or opportunity to visit the zoo, there is a great solution – a live broadcast from the aquarium or the zoo. In this case, the geography of observation is significantly expanded. It is possible to see almost any place in the world where exotic and rare animals, swimming and flying, predators, and herbivores are kept.

Watching animals at any time of the day online or in the recording will allow you to enjoy your free time and see all the diversity of the fauna.

Some zoos tell interesting facts about the observed animal, its name, birthday, and feeding time.

Watching pets

Watching pets is gaining relevance and demand among lovers of domestic animals.

Animals behave differently in the absence of the owner of the house—video surveillance monitors and answers many questions regarding the behavior of the pet.

In addition to simple observation, the home video monitoring system allows you to talk, calm the pet through voice communication, resolve disputes with neighbors about the behavior of the animal, etc. 

Faceter home video surveillance technology 

You don’t need expensive equipment to install pet monitoring, and even a child can handle the installation. You will need two inexpensive used smartphones with cameras, Internet access, and a mobile application from Faceter. You can download it for iOS here or Android – here.

Special skills are not needed. Installation is straightforward, the application is updated automatically, and the archive is stored in the cloud. The cost of maintenance of the Faceter video surveillance system is inexpensive. There is also a zero rate.


Video surveillance of animals helps to monitor their well-being at any time without human intervention. This avoids unnecessary stress and sometimes saves lives. The expansion of functionality makes video surveillance of pets more relevant and in demand.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

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