Even a child can understand how Faceter works, and the advantages of the system in solving different problems will be appreciated by an adult:


For Faceter video surveillance, you can use any smartphone as a camera, as well as connect your IP cameras.


Faceter will notify you of the movement during recording and will make a note in the archive; it will turn on the night mode for better visibility when it’s dark.


High-quality online stream, two days of archive storage and other useful functions for home use are absolutely free.

CCTV systems for home use are one of the most effective means of ensuring security. Faceter allows you to control your home IP cameras network directly from your smartphone. The smartphone itself can also be used as a portable camera installed at home.

Cloud video surveillance at home is also very convenient in such temporary situations as repairs or construction. With Faceter, you can install any smartphone as a camera (or several smartphones) at the necessary places for the period of work performance. You’ll be able to watch their progress anytime and anywhere.

Another area of application of Faceter at home is to monitor the work of home staff. The video surveillance system will let you accurately assess the progress and work quality of the cleaning service, furniture assemblers, plumbers and other people.

Install and use Faceter 24/7 for free!

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How to use your smartphone as a camera at home:


Take an old phone and the phone you are using now and install Faceter app.


Select the camera mode on your old phone and the monitor mode on the phone you use constantly.


Put the old phone in place for monitoring.

Done! At any time, you can open the app and make sure that everything is going well at home.

You might not even know how useful and convenient cloud video surveillance at home will be

  • Do you have pets that like to run around the house very actively?

    Find out exactly what caused a broken vase or scratched furniture. Faceter will also record fun moments from their daily lives that you can share with your friends;

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Take care of the safety of your home with Faceter!

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