3D DNR technology for video noise reduction

Noises in the CCTV image can cause serious problems. Darkening or bright spots in the frame make it difficult to see the details of what is happening. Because of this, the level of protection of the territory/object suffers greatly. How to suppress video noise? 3D DNR technology will help to solve the problem. We will talk about it in this article.

What is 3D DNR?

3D DNR is digital noise reduction in a video surveillance system. Usually, noise appears on cheap cameras.

That is why we do not recommend buying hardware on AliExpress. Untested devices fail faster than the warranty expires and generally fall short of expectations regarding value for money.

And if moisture appears on the lens of your camera, then read our special article: “7 Ways to Get Rid of Condensation on a CCTV Camera”.

The essence of technology

Innovative 3D DNR technology suppresses video noise and reduces spatial noise. In the process, the rows of pixels are compared, and the whole frame is processed. As a result, the picture quality is improved.

What noise is removed from the video?

The image is improved by removing two types of noises:

  • “Graininess” in the form of black and white dots, which change their position in the picture, blocking out full details of the frame. As experts say, the image is literally full of salt and pepper. This interference appears due to overheating the matrix or the ingress of dirt into the device’s body.
  • “Gauss.” Pixels change their color randomly, making the image blurry. Such noise appears due to a malfunction of the electrics in the camera.

To be sure of the quality of video surveillance, you need a combination of the following factors:

  • definition of surveillance objectives and drawing up a project or design diagram of a video surveillance system;
  • purchase of quality equipment and professional installation. The reasoning behind these claims can be found here.

If you are planning the development of the system or you need video analytics, then choose cloud technologies such as the Faceter service.

Undeniable advantages of the system

With 3D DNR, you get not only clear video monitoring but also the following benefits:

  • reduction of file sizes. Thus, more information can be stored in the archive;
  • facilitation of frames recognition when shooting;
  • improvement of the motion detection function since the sensors will not be “distracted” by noise.

3D DNR technology is an excellent assistant for video monitoring at night. 

Instead of conclusion

It is necessary to eliminate the problem of the quality of shooting in video surveillance as soon as you notice it. Otherwise, at the most crucial moment, the noise will fill up a vital frame.

And if the 3D DNR technology did not help, then you may have encountered the usual interference. Read about how to deal with them in the article “5 Proven Ways to Avoid Interference in the Video Control System“.

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