4 ways to find a hidden camera. What to do if I find it?

4 ways to find a hidden camera. What to do if I found it?

In Russia, covert video surveillance is officially prohibited, but many people have not stopped using it even under the threat of criminal punishment. Usually, devices are installed to be aware of thefts, property breakdowns, and violations of rules on private property. This kind of interference is unethical and a serious offense, so we will show you how to find a hidden camera in a room and disarm it.

The concept of covert surveillance in the Russian Federation

Covert video surveillance is organized using micro-cameras, which are much smaller than ordinary ones or disguised as everyday household items. But the installation of such devices can threaten its owner with criminal punishment.

The fact is that there is a ban on video surveillance in Russian legislation, which prescribes the obligation to notify all people who are monitored about the presence of cameras (in writing, text, or image ads).

We urge you not to use covert video surveillance to control your territories and facilities. And it’s not just a matter of criminal punishment. According to Part 2 of Art. 55 of the Procedural Code of the Russian Federation, an illegally obtained record using covert monitoring, has no effect in court. For example, if you provide a recording of the crime, the attacker will go unpunished, and in the worst case, one will sue you for illegal video surveillance. Details are in the article “Can a video record be evidence in court?“.

Where are spy cameras most often installed?

Spy cameras can be found in:

  • shops, shopping malls, and entertainment centers;
  • entrances of multi-story buildings;
  • apartments for long-term and daily rent;
  • at business facilities (warehouses, workshops, factories, offices, etc.);

A legitimate alternative to hidden monitoring can be considered a cloud service with remote control from the Faceter company. To organize video surveillance, you will need any phone or IP camera connected using a mobile application into one network.

IMPORTANT: do not forget that after installing cameras, you need to post a notification about a working surveillance system.

While it is almost impossible to find a device in commercial facilities by visual inspection, it is easier to do it in apartments.

First, take a close look at the toilet and bathroom. It is not uncommon for cameras to be found under sinks facing towards the shower. Therefore, you should carefully examine all the furniture in the room, shelves, and plumbing, which offers a “good” view.

Find and neutralize. 4 ways to detect

If the usual visual inspection did not help find the devices, you could use the following subtleties of experienced detectives.

Suspicious gadgets

Take a close look at all the gadgets in the apartment. Is there anything that looks strange or suspicious? The fact is that hidden cameras rarely look like cameras; they are usually disguised as household items.

Look for strange devices plugged into an outlet (non-standard shape, with inscriptions on the case).


Cameras can be disguised not only in gadgets but also look like household items. For example, the device can be in the form of a pen, column, or soft toy. Or the camera can be located in the frames of paintings, in blinds, in table lamps.

You can find the camera lens with a regular flashlight. Turn off the light and hold the light on the things. The lens will reflect the light. Thus you will notice it.

Special Scanner

BugHunter Professional can be considered a striking representative of a special scanner for detecting hidden equipment. The device picks up the signals sent by the secret camera. So you can determine not only the presence but the location of illegal video surveillance.

Mobile Application

If you do not want to buy additional equipment, then you can find a hidden camera from your phone. You will need the Hidden Camera Detector mobile app.

You do not need to expect supernatural spy skills from it, but you will save up to 8 thousand rubles and maybe more this way.

What to do if I find a camera?

Seeing a hidden camera, do not rush to dismantle it. This will lead you to a scandal with the equipment owner, and nothing prevents an attacker from installing video surveillance again.

Therefore, if you find a camera, contact the police without notifying the intruder. Otherwise, one will have time to remove the device and stay unpunished.


Finding a hidden camera is difficult but possible. Do not be afraid to notify law enforcement agencies of the incident because often such video surveillance is installed to control property and infiltrate personal life.

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