Cameras in pharmacies: 4 important installation locations

Cameras in pharmacies: 4 important installation locations

Pharmacy business — profitable or troublesome? Opinions are divided, however, we see them everywhere. In any case, a pharmacy is a facility where people, cash, expensive commodities, including prescription and narcotic drugs, are constantly circulating. This means that pharmacies need protection. Video surveillance is the optimal solution to many security problems. Let’s figure it out.

Objectives of video surveillance

A pharmacy is a specific business. On the one hand, the owners are faced with the task of fulfilling all state recommendations and regulations, and on the other hand, with making a profit, like in an ordinary commercial enterprise.

That is why the owners of the pharmaceutical business are concerned about physical security and solving business problems.

Security issues that are solved by round-the-clock video surveillance:

  • protection of personnel and visitors from criminals;
  • protection of medicines and other material assets from theft. Protection of narcotic, psychotropic and prescription drugs is of particular importance.

Video surveillance also helps in solving the following business tasks:

  • detailing and control of work processes;
  • monitoring compliance with regulations and labor discipline;
  • counting visitors;
  • maintaining lists, including black lists (unwanted visitors);
  • face and emotion recognition;
  • improving service;
  • business optimization by monitoring and integrating video surveillance with other systems.

Entrance and perimeter of the room

It is important to install video surveillance in a pharmacy correctly. Installation of cameras at the entrances/exits and perimeter of the premises guarantees obtaining control of the general situation around and inside a pharmacy. In addition, through remote Internet video surveillance, you can control the process of delivery and unloading of goods.


To prevent theft of medicines and other valuables, it is necessary to install cameras in the storage area. Learn how to set up cloud video surveillance for a warehouse in 3 easy steps in our article.

Sales area

Installing cameras in the sales area helps to fight against intruders, offenders, hooligans, and also stimulates the productivity of staff. In the event of a disputable or conflict situation, video materials can be an evidence base.

Checkout area

A zone of increased danger is always the cash register. And this is not only about the theft by visitors, but also about the behavior of the pharmacy employees.

A modern network (IP) camera, installed above the cash register, gives full control over the work of the pharmacist-cashier, and allows you to restore the actions during cash transactions.

System design considerations

Experts recommend paying attention to the following issues when designing a pharmacy video surveillance system, namely:

  1. Size of the pharmacy.
  2. Location of the premises (detached building, part of the rented area in a shopping and entertainment center, first floor of an apartment building). Also here you need to discuss the passability of the pharmacy and presence of a busy road.
  3. Determination of the priority goal of video surveillance.
  4. Presence/absence of a security system at the time of applying for the project.
  5. Description of security problems in the past.

To eliminate common design mistakes from your business, read the article “Video surveillance project design. Everything you need to know“.

What type of video surveillance should you choose?

I must say right away that a hidden camera in a pharmacy is a direct way to criminal liability for the pharmacy owner. It is prohibited to use inconspicuous, spy devices for video monitoring on the territory of pharmacies. Therefore, the first rule of video monitoring is openness.

The following people should know about the presence of cameras:

  1. Employees (by signing the corresponding consent).
  2. Visitors (by reading informational announcements about video filming).

Experts recommend equipping pharmacies with cloud video surveillance. It is advisable to use software with high intelligence that allows you to collect marketing data without human intervention. A striking example is software from the Faceter company.

IMPORTANT: did you know that in small pharmacies you can get by with just two mobile phones and a downloaded application? And without spending a penny on a video surveillance system?

Turn your phones into a camera and monitor in minutes and get full remote video control of your pharmacy. Download the free mobile application from Google Play or the App Store (depending on the operating system).


Are you wondering if pharmacies have cameras? Be sure they do. They ensure the physical safety of employees and visitors, help prevent theft of valuables, and provide the collection of marketing data for the business. A pharmacy camera is an irreplaceable assistant in running a pharmacy business.

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