Can I connect an analog video camera to the Faceter service?

Can I connect an analog video camera to the Faceter service?

Analog video surveillance continues to be in demand, despite the significant advantages of IP cameras. Whether it is down to habit or new technologies distrust, users choose outdated systems. And then they ask themselves the question: “How to connect an analog camera to cloud services?” Let’s discuss the issue.

Hardware Compatibility and Signal Conversion

Analog devices work as follows:

  • they convert the image into an analog signal and transmit it via cables to the DVR.

For analog video surveillance cameras to work via the Internet, you need to convert their signal to digital. This will require a special registrar Microdigital MDR-4500, which costs more than 8 thousand rubles.

But its installation will only allow you to view streams via the Internet, but not to control the system remotely.

Therefore, you cannot connect an analog camera to The service provides more options than normal viewing of records. If you want to take advantage of Faceter’s intelligent monitoring, you need to ditch your old hardware and move to the next level.

Faceter video surveillance is a new level of interaction

Faceter introduces a new method of organizing home video surveillance: you can use a smartphone instead of IP cameras.

It is not always possible to install an ordinary video camera. To do this, you need to select equipment, find a seller, an installation expert, and set up the system. All this requires high financial costs that are rarely justified, especially if you need temporary video surveillance.

Instead of a camera, you can find an old phone at home (system requirements: iOS from 10, Android from 5.0) and install it in the camera’s place. Read about how to choose a suitable location here.

Benefits of this approach from Faceter:

  • save on buying equipment;
  • eliminate the need for complex installation of cameras;
  • the service system is updated automatically; you do not need to call the experts for this;
  • the initial setup will take no more than 10 minutes;
  • Faceter application is with an intuitive interface; even a beginner can figure it out;
  • in addition to regular monitoring, you receive analytics functions: face recognition, notifications in case of alarming situations, analysis of what is happening, etc.

And the main advantage of the service is the possibility of free and budgetary use. Choose the tariff that suits you.

Faceter video surveillance can be organized right now. All you need to do is follow four simple steps.

Four easy steps to connect faceter cam

In order to have a budget control system at home, you need two mobile phones (or a camera and a smartphone). Then you need:

Download the multifunctional Faceter app on IOS or Android.

  1. Place the camera in the video monitoring area taking into account the viewing angle.
  2. Start automatic configuration of the application.
  3. Launch the camera 24/7 and open applications on the monitor phone using a username and password.

A home surveillance camera with recording is ready to use.

Instead of a conclusion

It is no longer necessary to buy expensive cameras for simple home monitoring. Video surveillance can be started in minutes without leaving your home, using only your old phone and the Faceter mobile app.

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