Cloud video surveillance for warehouses: implementation in 3 steps

Cloud video surveillance for warehouses: implementation in 3 steps

A deeply outdated model of warehouse security is keeping staff, equipping a surveillance point, or hiring a special security agency. I would compare such methods of protecting warehouse premises (hangars, distribution areas) with an old fashioned telephone with physical buttons. Yes, they exist, but they are preferred only by people who deny progress. Today, an easy and promising method of protection has become generally available – cloud video surveillance for warehouses. Let us talk about it.

Modern video surveillance for warehouses. What is it?

A warehouse, as a storage of material values, most often becomes the object of theft and misappropriation, which leads to shortages during audits. The most impartial security guard is a surveillance camera. And in order to avoid the loss of data (recordings from cameras), it is advisable to use a cloud video surveillance service for a warehouse. You no longer need special servers, computers, monitors or other bulky, expensive equipment for monitoring and data storage.

Today, a warehouse video control system can fit in two simple mobile phones. For information on how to turn old smartphones into a modern cloud video monitoring system, see our article “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera.”

If we are talking about large areas, then you can use IP cameras or hybrids (IP cameras + mobile phones/tablets). Detailed information is located at

Goals and objectives of warehouse video control

Cloud video surveillance for a warehouse is relevant for:

  • safety of inventory items and special equipment;
  • tracking, analyzing and managing the movement of goods and equipment;
  • evacuation of personnel, equipment and valuables (in case of urgent need and emergency);
  • control over safety precautions;
  • effective organization of work: tracking work algorithms, monitoring working hours, eliminating downtime, unauthorized smoke breaks;
  • increasing labor discipline and personal responsibility of warehouse employees;
  • prevention of theft, illegal entry and abuse;
  • investigation of illegal actions, resolution of controversial situations.

Features of the Faceter service for a warehouse

Advantages of the security system for warehouses and delivery areas from the Faceter service:

  1. System makes it possible to control any point of the warehouse, at any time, remotely.
  2. Video monitoring does not require additional expenses for the purchase of special or new cameras. It is enough to connect the service to the existing equipment or to use mobile devices (phones, tablets).
  3. Faceter notifies you about important events according to the specified parameters.
  4. System is stored in the cloud (from 2 days to indefinitely), which means it is ultimately protected from data loss. At the same time, the recordings are available for download and viewing.
  5. Service has intelligence: it recognizes faces, conducts various analytics.
  6. System is available at low prices. Tariffs are here.
  7. Video surveillance and its parameters are configured depending on the needs of the client.

Implementation in three easy steps

The standard algorithm of actions when implementing a cloud video monitoring system for a warehouse:

  1. Setting up the surveillance areas.

This is necessary to identify the monitoring parameters, including a list of possible violations.

  1. Planning and preparing terms of reference.

Taking into account the available budget and the identified goals, you need to decide on the amount and type of equipment, the way of integrating the software with other technical devices, the choice of a service provider and tariffs for storing archive recordings. At this stage, it is recommended to convert the project into a document (for clarity and accurate execution).

  1. Installation of video surveillance in a warehouse.

If your system will consist of a mobile application and mobile devices, then you can do without the involvement of specialists. If your phone runs on the Android system, then you can download the mobile application here. If on iOS, then here. If the software needs to be integrated with previously installed or new equipment, contact the specialists.


A stereotype is widespread among Russians that in 2020 the warehouse security must be entrusted to specialized employees, security agencies and/or expensive and bulky equipment. But the latest systems allow you to control warehouses and distribution areas using simple methods, and instead of expensive cameras, you can use a regular phone with an installed application.

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