Complete list of expenses for home video surveillance

Complete list of expenses for home video surveillance

Sometimes installing a video camera for video surveillance is more expensive than buying the device itself. In this article, we will look at what is needed to organize monitoring using the example of a classic device model (with a recorder, recording to a hard drive).

Why is installation more expensive than buying video cameras?

The fact remains: often, the camcorder itself is not expensive. And most of the cost of the entire system comes from the installation.

Why is this? The reasons are the following:

  • many components are required;
  • it is necessary to carry out delicate, accurate, and professional work to connect the system;
  • work at height is possible;
  • the installation includes warranty service, technical and consulting support.

IMPORTANT: To save money, users often refuse to draw up a project, thinking that for home use, they can do without it. But this is not the case. As a result, the entire installation load falls on the fitters, increasing the installation cost.

Read more about the project design in the article “Video surveillance project design. Everything you need to know.

Additional customer requirements also affect the installation price. For example, to connect video surveillance to the TV set.

And sometimes, fitters need to install no-name Chinese cameras, bought from Aliexpress, or used equipment. It only seems at first glance that you can save money this way. You will overpay many times after the purchase since the device can quickly break down, it is challenging to integrate, and it does not meet the stated requirements.

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Full list of expenses for home video surveillance

Next, we will talk about the elements of video surveillance that require additional costs during installation. It is impossible to name the exact amount of expenses since prices depend on the brand, models, and sale territory.


A video recorder for video cameras serves as data storage. Without it, the device will only show but not remember the picture. Several cameras can be connected to the recorder.

If you monitor the situation online, you can do without a recorder. But if you want to view the records after some time, then a recording device is necessary. More information about recorders can be found here.

Hard drive

The hard drive for video surveillance is installed in the recorder. All information is recorded on that device. The amount of data that can be saved depends on the amount of disk space. Therefore, the more data to be stored, the more expensive the hard drive is.

Power Supply

To prevent cameras from turning off, a power adapter is used. It maintains a constant voltage level and does not allow voltage surges to affect the operation of devices.

A power supply is required if you need 24/7 uninterrupted operation of the cameras. 

Video cable + connectors

Connectors and cables are the glue for the entire surveillance system. Without them, cameras, power supply, and recorder cannot work together.

But it’s not enough to buy cables and connectors. Incorrect installation can result in signal interruption and picture fault.


Consumables are small components that cannot be dispensed with. As before renovation, you buy wallpaper and nails, glue, gloves, and video surveillance.

This group of consumables includes ties, fasteners, electrical tape, and more. Though they cost a little money, they sum up at a specific price due to the volume. 

How to save money and keep away from difficulties? Faceter

Classic video surveillance requires a lot of extra costs. That is why it is gradually leaving the market and giving way to cloud services and IP video surveillance.

Faceter is a good, budget-friendly alternative. To install it, you will need:

two phones or one smartphone and an IP camera. One device will act as a camera and the other as a monitor.

If supervision is necessary in the house, for example, for babysitting, a regular smartphone can be fixed with a professional device. Read more in “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera”:

  • install the Faceter application on both devices;
  • select the record mode on one phone (camera) and the monitor mode on the other.

As you can see, you can assemble video surveillance from Faceter right now. The cost is the following:

  • purchase of an IP camera or a simple phone (if required);
  • monthly payment of the selected tariff (from 0 to 6 dollars);
  • price for the Internet. But you pay for it even now without video surveillance.


Give up the habit of choosing old surveillance systems. Their time has passed. There are already many cheaper, easier to use, and versatile systems on the market today. Choose cloud systems that work remotely.

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