Free video surveillance. TOP 3 best free services

Free video surveillance. TOP 3 best free services

Who does not want to get a video surveillance service for free? To be extremely honest, there are very few people who would refuse free software, the most affordable tariff and pleasant bonuses. And by the way, video surveillance for free is not a myth. Want to know why? All the details are in this article. Read to the end.

Why do users want free video surveillance?

In fact, for Russians there are more than plenty of reasons for getting free video surveillance, namely:

  • post-Soviet mentality and genetic craving for free stuff. Yes, the Russian state of mind is special;
  • traditional perception of video surveillance. An average citizen of Russia does not see the value of such a product as video surveillance. This is due to history and is associated with many myths and stereotypes in this regard;
  • lack of extra money for video surveillance (for most Russians). According to official figures, 20 million Russians live below the poverty line. And according to experts, we can talk about 80% of the country’s population, which is actually poor;
  • psychological aspect. In view of the specifics of upbringing, the format of child-parent relations is flourishing in our country (in which everything is obtained free of charge). If the process of separation from parents is not completed, then the person is not ready for adult partnerships and full payment for goods/services. As psychologists say, payment is contribution of responsibility;
  • spoiledness of the Russian consumer. We are accustomed to the fact that sales and tempting offers are pouring in bunches.

Why can video surveillance services be free?

For manufacturers, sellers and providers there is only one reason for giving away services for free — economic. In conditions of fierce competition and low consumer demand, it is necessary to:

  • find new ways to expand your customer base;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • build up the level of loyalty and trust in video surveillance in general, to a specific company/brand/service in particular;
  • increase the number of orders.

These marketing tasks need to be addressed not only when entering the market, but throughout the entire operation. Therefore, free video surveillance software is not a myth, but an economically sound marketing strategy.


There are a number of video monitoring shareware:

  • free software + additional features for a fee (freemium);
  • software, the free use of which is limited to a certain period (nagware). After the end of the demo period, such programs stop working. Renewal requires the purchase of a paid version or license;
  • free video surveillance software, fully functional, but when using it you have to watch commercials (adware). Disabling ads means purchasing a paid version/license.

Free cloud

Today, cloud video surveillance can be built from scratch, on your own, in just 5 easy steps. This is facilitated by simple symbiosis of cloud video surveillance and mobile phones. In this case, you can get by with a completely free tariff.

As a rule, free tariffs imply a short storage period for the video archive. For example, the international Faceter service offers 24 hours of free data storage in SD quality.

TOP 3 best free video surveillance services

The main selection criteria for our TOP-3 rating of the best free services for video surveillance will be:

  • no payment for software and cloud storage;
  • availability of a mobile application;
  • availability of modern technical capabilities, including the introduction of intelligent video analytics;
  • opportunities for use for home and business (for professional purposes);
  • real user reviews taken from Google Play and the App Store.

TOP 1: video surveillance from the Faceter company.

Free software Free cloud Mobile app Technical capabilities Professional use Rating
+ up to 24 hours   for iOS

for Android

based on neural networks + 4,4/5


You can download video surveillance for free here: Google Play or the App Store, taking into account the operating system of the device.

TOP 2: video surveillance from the Ivideon company.

Free software Free cloud Mobile app Technical capabilities Professional use Rating
+ NONE   for iOS

for Android

based on neural networks + 4,2-4,3/5


TOP 3: video surveillance from IPEYE

Free software Free cloud Mobile app Technical capabilities Professional use Rating
+ NONE   for iOS



based on neural networks + 3,5/5


Results and conclusion

Based on the comparative characteristics, we can conclude that free online video surveillance really exists. In addition, there is a possibility of using cloud storage for free. Pay attention to the international service from Faceter to use video surveillance services for home and business for free.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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