Interesting developments in video surveillance: an overview of innovative models

Interesting developments in video surveillance: an overview of innovative models

Technological advances in video surveillance, combined with the development of neural networks and computing power, are rapidly rebuilding the IT market. Intelligent algorithms are actively used by business clients and the public sector. More than 20 articles have been written about this in our blog, but today is not about that. I will tell you about the most interesting and unusual developments in the field of video surveillance in the world.

Innovative developments in the field of video surveillance

Development of video surveillance is a separate area of ​​the IT market. Today, flying drones are no longer a surprise. However, innovative developments in the field of video surveillance are so incredibly amazing that they resemble science fiction films from the 90s.

Egg-like security robots

Back in 2013, the American company Knightscope presented its security robot to the general public. The robot was simply named “K-5”, equipped with a variety of panoramic video cameras and a powerful system for recognizing faces and license plates (up to 300 units/min). Also, an algorithm was laid in the robot to identify weapons and inappropriate human behavior. Its purpose is to patrol cities, industrial areas, shopping centers and adjacent areas.

A distinctive feature of the video surveillance robot, in addition to technical characteristics, is its appearance. It has an egg-like shape and bright illumination, which is very popular with ordinary people.

Fishing action camera

The market is full of various action cameras designed for outdoor activities and sports. However, the concept of a fishing camera is very interesting. Take a look at the GoFish Cam wireless video device. The camera can film in Full HD in both fresh and sea water at the depth of up to 150 meters. Excellent image quality is also achieved in the dark, in real time, and allows you to make clips and share them with friends. The device weighs less than 100 grams, and the battery can grant you up to 4 hours without recharging. An excellent device for true fishing enthusiasts.

Delivery robot

Robot with a camera for autonomous delivery of goods (weighing up to 11.5 kg) already exists and has been tested in 12 countries and 40 cities. Just imagine a small bot equipped with 9 surveillance cameras, freely crossing curbs and deliberately avoiding pedestrians. It can move at speeds of up to 6.5 km/h, distinguish objects and film people who threaten it.

Army robots

The public is no longer surprised by robots for the disposal of explosive devices. But an unmanned vehicle in the form of a real tank, equipped with various weapons for real combat, can interest anyone. The miniature combat vehicle was named the Gladiator. Its body is armored, controlled remotely or manually, and the speed is up to 20 km/h.

Solar hybrid video device

The developer of innovative technologies Sensera presented to the market a hybrid device (called the MC-60), which contains a video recorder, IP camera and wireless device for sending data to the service. It is interesting that the device is powered by a solar battery, the information is stored for up to 10 days. Scope of application – mainly construction sites.

Breakthrough in cloud video surveillance

Faceter has made a real breakthrough in the Russian video surveillance market by providing the mass consumer with simple and lightweight software. Some time ago, to create a full-fledged video monitoring system, it was required to overcome a lot of barriers:

  • create a project;
  • find an equipment seller;
  • choose and purchase cameras + additional equipment;
  • establish a video monitoring system at the facility at commercial prices;
  • pick software, buy it;
  • start the system;
  • maintain the system;
  • be responsible for storing data.

And with the advent of Faceter, this order of things became completely unnecessary. Today, it is enough to have two mobile devices (two smartphones, two tablets or one phone + one tablet) and a mobile application to become the owner of a modern intelligent surveillance system. No one has seen such video surveillance!

To learn how to turn an ordinary mobile device into a camera and other possibilities, read these articles:

Download the free Faceter mobile application from Google Play or App Store, taking into account the operating system.

The Faceter service was called one of the greatest discoveries in the video surveillance market. The majority of options for standard video surveillance are available for free. In addition, there is free storage of archive recordings (up to 24 hours).


The market for innovative developments in the field of video surveillance is growing rapidly. The growth points are the introduction of artificial intelligence into video surveillance systems, robotics and massive introduction of smart gadgets. However, the constraints to growth are high investment costs for storage and lack of professional experience with IP cameras.

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