Remote video surveillance via phone and Internet

Remote video surveillance via phone and Internet

Role of mobile devices with Internet access has increased to the maximum in recent years. And the reason for this is the high pace of life. Solving everyday household and professional tasks requires you to always be in touch and have a faithful assistant at hand.

And now the time has come when remote video surveillance via phone of homes and businesses has become generally available. This is what our article is about.

Why is video surveillance via Internet and mobile phone in demand?

In order to clearly explain the demand for video surveillance via phone and Internet, you need to pay attention to the global statistics from We Are Social and Hootsuite as of the beginning of 2020:

  • 5.19 billion people use mobile phones. This indicator has grown by 2.4% compared to the previous year. In quantitative terms, this is +124 million people;
  • 4.54 billion people are Internet users. This indicator increased by 7% compared to last year’s value. In quantitative terms, this is + 298 million new users;
  • number of Internet users in the Russian Federation is 118 million people, which is 81% of Russians in percentage terms;
  • average Russian resident spends 7 hours and 17 minutes on the Internet every day;
  • 50.1% is the time people spend on the Internet on their mobile phones worldwide.

Almost all spheres of life of a modern person are concentrated in a mobile phone: communication, work, shopping and safety. And with the advent of the first decentralized system from Faceter (2018-2019), video surveillance became generally available to everyone.

Faceter wireless video surveillance. New approach

Want to create a complete wireless video monitoring system without spending a single ruble? There is such an opportunity.

Look through your old mobile phones. If you find two devices with the following technical characteristics, then you can create video surveillance completely free of charge:

  • working processor;
  • working screen;
  • working charging socket and charger;
  • ability to connect to the Internet (from 3G and above);
  • 1.3 MP camera;
  • iOS operating system from 10.0 and higher, Android — from 5.0 and higher.

You need to download the mobile application based on the operating system from the App Store or Google Play. The intuitive interface and functionality of the Faceter application contribute to the fact that complete installation of a surveillance system will take place in 15 minutes.


The main advantages of the Faceter cloud system are:

  • general availability and ease of installation;
  • significant savings. Pay attention to the free tariff plan, which allows you to save videos in the cloud for up to 24 days and has special offers from the Faceter service;
  • highest possible level of data security and lack of liability for data storage (according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation);
  • remote access;
  • family access (up to 6 people);
  • multifunctionality. The system can be used in everyday life and business;
  • possibility of obtaining intelligent video analytics.

4 steps to set up a video surveillance system via your phone

The practice of using a mobile phone in a video monitoring system shows that it is advisable to follow the next algorithm of actions:

  1. Determine the goals of video surveillance, budget and choose a reliable provider.
  2. Download the application and install it on two phones, one of which will work as a video surveillance camera, and the other as a monitor.
  3. Configure the system. The Faceter app will save you the trouble of completing this step, since the program is configured and updated automatically, without user intervention.
  4. Start the system. If you use Faceter, then you will need no more than 15 minutes, even with placing a phone in the surveillance area.

You can read the complete information about connecting a mobile phone in our article “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone“.


Remote video surveillance via a mobile phone and video surveillance via the Internet have become available to everyone in view of the development of IT technologies and their introduction into mass use. If you have two mobile phones and you are satisfied with free storage of recordings for up to 24 hours, then you will not spend a single ruble on video surveillance. This is the principle of general availability.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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