Static and Dynamic IP addresses: which is right for your business?

An IP address is a unique identifier for a device connected to the Internet, which is issued automatically. There are static and dynamic IP addresses. In this article, we’ll find out which is better, and which address option to choose.

What is the IP address of CCTV cameras?

An IP address is an individual set of numbers and letters that allows different devices to find each other and share information with each other. Addresses are issued automatically because they cannot be the same, and manual configuration by the user can lead to errors. 

Static IP address and dynamic address. The difference

There is a static IP address and a dynamic IP address. The difference is as follows: 

  • Static does not have the option of changing its address.

They are most often chosen by companies to host their websites, emails, and servers. Static IP provides remote access, unimpeded communication, and a high data transfer rate. 

However, there are also disadvantages: complicated setup, high cost, and low security;

  • Dynamic IP address changes once in a while. 

Thanks to this maintenance will be budgetary, and the configuration is automatic, but there will be no function of remote access.  

How to find out the IP address of the CCTV camera? 

How can I find out the IP address of the CCTV camera? There are 3 ways to do this: 

  • Ivideon Server. 

The method is suitable for UPnP-enabled cameras, such devices are considered “smart”. Before searching make sure that the UPnP function works;

The IP address of the device will be reflected in the interface of the access point; 

  • via network scanners. 

This method is the most complex and will not work with all devices. But you can use the DAHUA, Microdigital and Beward software to find it. 

Additionally, you can find out how to find IP cameras in the local surveillance network

What address does your business need?

Choosing the IP address of CCTV cameras is not so important and critical as it can always be changed. We recommend choosing a static address for small businesses, while a dynamic address is better suited for large objects since there are more requirements for the system.


Start setting up the digital system in advance, solving small issues gradually. It is better to determine the right type of IP address at the beginning and build an effective system at once than to constantly make changes later. 

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