Video surveillance for garage. Area of ​​owner and garage construction cooperative liability

Video surveillance for garage. Area of ​​owner and garage construction cooperative liability

Garages have ceased to be a safe storage place for a car and property. Depending on the seriousness of theft, the offender may face punishment of up to 5 years in prison, but the law stops few. Everything is taken out of garages: metal, tools, property, etc. They spend the night and live in other people’s garages. Cars are stolen and cut into metal pieces (right on the spot). In this case, the owner can become the only guarantor of security. Let’s talk about how video surveillance in a garage can help the safety of property and cars.

Garage — a zone of increased risk of theft 

A striking example of the fact that a garage is not a safe haven for transport occurred in Kazan this year. A rare Mercedes-Benz Pullman (1937) was kept in a garage. The intruders entered the private box, and within a week they sawed the car into pieces of metal and took it over to scrap metal. With a retro car worth 2 million rubles, wanna-be criminals earned only 18 thousand rubles for the metal. The justice system assessed this act as theft and punished the criminals with 2 years of suspended sentence.

Property safety liability of a garage construction cooperative 

Any member of a garage cooperative who regularly pays membership fees and has not yet encountered garage theft thinks that the cooperative is responsible for the safety of their garage and all property inside the premises.

However, the obligation of a cooperative to keep personal property of the cooperative members safe and bear responsibility for theft from garages, as a rule, is not provided for either by the Charter of the organization or by the job descriptions of cooperative employees.

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, namely Articles 210-211, the owner bears the burden of maintenance, is responsible for the risks of accidental loss and damage to property that belongs to them, unless otherwise provided by law or contractual relations.

All civil law relations related to the protection of property are regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Chapter No. 47. In particular, Articles 886 and 887, the procedure for concluding a storage agreement, describe the rights and obligations of the parties.

CONCLUSION: if a garage owner does not have a written storage agreement with a cooperative, then the cooperative and its employees are not responsible for the property in the garage box and for its safety.

Ways to protect a garage on your own

The life of a garage cooperative is ensured exclusively through membership fees. However, not all garage owners are ready to spend money on remote control, electronic passes and centralized video surveillance. Therefore, as a rule, the garage security is a watchman (who is not responsible for anything) and 2-3 dogs, which are released at night to the territory of the cooperative.

So, either sink or swim. Garage owners protect their property as best they can:

  • strengthen buildings and gates;
  • mount reinforced hinges or install internal mechanisms;
  • install several locks;
  • introduce sound sirens as a psychological factor.

However, all these methods are of low efficiency. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to remote control and video surveillance.

Video surveillance

The first line of defense can be a dummy camera and a sticker informing about the video filming on the garage door. Much has been written about the psychological impact of video equipment, including our article “Effects of video surveillance on the human psyche“.

In the event when you need serious protection, use cloud remote video surveillance.

Garage video surveillance capabilities

Installing a cloud video surveillance camera in a garage and/or on the adjacent territory gives the user the following options:

  • remote, round-the-clock video monitoring of the situation;
  • viewing online broadcasts;
  • getting access to the video archive (storage size depends on the provider’s tariff plan). If you are interested in free video surveillance, go to this page. The function “quick search for a video fragment in the archive” is also in demand;
  • filming the unfair work of cooperative employees;
  • obtaining irrefutable evidence in the event of an emergency or disputable conflict situation.

Video surveillance options

For video monitoring of a garage, you can use different options:

  1. Buy video surveillance for a garage in the form of a ready-made kit.
  2. Install panoramic cameras.
  3. Make a DIY video surveillance system in a garage. Details here.


Use modern digital methods to protect your garage and its contents, as they provide remote, 24/7 monitoring capabilities. Remember that ensuring the safety of a garage is entirely up to the owner. Garage construction cooperatives are responsible for the property inside garages only if a special written storage agreement is signed.

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