Video surveillance for pets. Installation algorithm

Video surveillance for pets. Installation algorithm

Many pet owners do not even suspect that there are innovative helpers for them: automatic feeders/drinkers and toilets, car belts and trailers, “paw washers”, special showers, ultrasonic collars and even umbrellas for walking. Also, many do not know that video surveillance for pets has become generally available and can be beneficial for free. In this article, I will describe a simple algorithm for installing a pet monitoring system. Read on.

Purposes and objectives of pet monitoring

If you are held captive by the stereotypes that video surveillance is difficult and expensive, then you may ask the question: “Why do you need to monitor pets?” Many will say: “We have lived without it and will continue doing so”.

However, ignoring the latest technology, you can deprive yourself of a certain level of comfort, lose sight of important aspects of the pet’s life and not be able to control it remotely.

Relevant goals and objectives of video monitoring for pets:

  1. Obtaining accurate information about the behavior and well-being of the pet in the absence of the owner.
  2. Obtaining truthful information about the attitude to the animal of other family members (including children and their guests), as well as temporary and service personnel.
  3. Resolving conflicts and disputes over the behavior of an animal in an apartment building and adjacent territories.
  4. Ability to correct the behavior of a naughty animal with voice commands.
  5. Possibility of remote interaction, including training.
  6. Obtaining exclusive video footage that can be sold, published in blogs, on popular video hosting sites, in your social networks.

Innovative approach from Faceter

Contrary to popular belief, animal video monitoring is a simple system that anyone can access. And I will now prove this statement:

  • hardware requirements are minimal. The system requires only two smartphones with cameras. Read about how to turn old phones into a video surveillance system here;
  • there are no requirements for special skills and knowledge. You need to download a free mobile application. Set up one phone as a surveillance camera, and use the other as a monitor;
  • installation time — 15-20 minutes from downloading the application to receiving the first footage;
  • price — free of charge or from 229 rubles/month;
  • storage location — the cloud. Read the article “Cloud storage for video surveillance“;
  • responsibility for storage is absent for the user, since it lies entirely with the service provider.

Installation algorithm. 4 easy steps

The modern user strives for simplicity. They need lightweight, mobile and reliable systems that are capable of self-updating and automatic configuration. These requirements are fully met by the Faceter video surveillance, which can be used both for home and business.

By following this simple installation algorithm, you will have a complete home video monitoring system.

Step #1

Older phones can still be useful. Look through your old mobile devices. You need 2 devices with cameras from 1.3 MP, modules for Internet access, working screens and charging ports. For iOS, the operating system needs to be at least 10.0 or higher, for Android — from 5.0 or higher.

Step #2

Install the mobile application, depending on the operating system of the phones: the App Store or Google Play. It will take a couple of minutes. Keep in mind the compatibility of systems and devices. Make sure that your smartphones have a stable Internet connection (3G or better).

Step #3

Decide on the areas of surveillance, preferably near a power outlet (it is better to connect the phone to a charging device). Set one phone as a webcam. Check the signal and picture quality.

Step #4

Take the second phone with you as a monitor for remote video surveillance of the animal. Check the signal and picture quality.

The system is completely ready for use 24/7. And thanks to the automatic adjustments and updates, you are relieved of these actions and various problems.

Summing up

We can agree that the organization of video monitoring of pets requires a minimum of effort and money. Do you want to completely control the behavior and well-being of your cat, parrot or dog? Install the Faceter service right now. The right moment has already come: video surveillance has become available!

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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