Video surveillance for pets

Video surveillance for pets

According to Mars Petcare, Russia ranks 3rd in the world in the number of domestic cats and 5th in the number of dogs kept in apartments and houses. Also, studies have shown that 53% of Russian households keep pets. A third of them never goes outside. Consequently, animals, being alone, begin to behave in different ways. Want to know what your pet is doing while you are away? And also see how your children and/or service staff are treating animals? Modern video surveillance technologies have been created to help you. Let’s talk about them.

Why you need video surveillance for a pet

A video surveillance camera for pets can solve many problems. Find out what caused the damaged shoes, broken plates, or why your pet, according to neighbors, barks and whines alone. Read full information about home video monitoring capabilities here.

Tracking pet behavior in the absence of the owner

In the absence of the owner, the animal can behave in different ways: some sleep and play, while others begin to destroy things and make noise out of boredom. Everyone knows that the most “hooligan” breeds of dogs are huskies, dachshunds, Jack Russell Terriers, pugs, labradors, etc. These dogs are very active and it is difficult for them to live in a confined space. Therefore, they like to howl, gnaw on doors, rip apart upholstered furniture, jump around the kitchen, opening all the cabinets. Some even sleep on tables in the absence of the owner.

For example, cameras can be configured so that in case of noisy behavior of an animal or when it enters a restricted area, the owner will receive a notification with an image of what is happening. Only after learning what became the real cause of the pet’s inappropriate behavior, you can correct it and solve the problem forever.

Also, video surveillance for pets will help those who work a lot and are often late. Then the cameras will become ears and eyes to make sure that everything is fine in the house.

Tracking the attitude of service personnel, children and other people towards the animal

If the owner notices strange relationships of the pet with other people, then most likely something is happening in their absence. For example, the pet runs away or begins to show aggression in the presence of service personnel, relatives, friends or children.

Situations were often revealed when other people beat and mocked the animal behind the owner’s back. This affects the behavior of the pet, which in the future may result in a very unfavorable situation. By installing video surveillance for pets, the owner can identify negative relationships between animals and people, and prevent them.

Cool shots

Another reason to install video surveillance at home is the funny footage you can get when your pet is alone at home. Often the behavior of an animal differs in the presence and absence of the owner.

Everyone loves short videos about animals, but few people think about how to get them. Cloud video monitoring is a great helper for a blogger who is trying to get big on YouTube, Tik Tok and other social networks.

Resolving disputes with neighbors

If neighbors notify pet owners that their animals are whining or barking alone, then you need to check the truthfulness of the information and reasons for this behavior. The role of an inconspicuous and unbiased observer can only be performed by a video monitoring system.

Through surveillance cameras, you can film pets and see what they are doing alone. Sometimes very curious things are found, for example, that your pet is not making noise at all or not coping well during the hours of separation.

How to organize surveillance for a pet: modern solution

Video surveillance is no longer an expensive service. Anyone can install a camera at home without the appropriate knowledge and skills thanks to the Faceter service.

To conduct video surveillance at home, it is enough to perform 3 actions:

  1. Determine the places of surveillance.
  2. Plan the location of the cameras.
  3. Install the equipment in right places and the Faceter application on all mobile devices (phone and/or tablet). You can download the application here on Android, and here on iOS.

After that, the image of what is happening will be broadcast on your phone in real time 24/7.

Benefits of cloud video surveillance from Faceter

There are four main advantages:

  1. Simplicity of the system. An owner can watch what is happening at any time from any geographic location using a device connected to the service. Alerts come immediately in accordance with the settings.
  2. Flexibility of settings, scalability. All changes are made to the application independently. You can change the surveillance area, data storage period, number of cameras, etc.
  3. Saving money. The owner of the system does not spend money on the purchase of expensive cameras and installation. You need to pay only for a small amount of equipment and the selected tariff.
  4. Storing information in the cloud. To access the data, you do not need to be present at the video surveillance facility, you do not need to purchase a server for storage, and you do not need to be responsible for the safety of recordings. All information is stored on a cloud server, where you can go at any time and download or view the desired file.

To sum up, if you have two ordinary smartphones with cameras from 1.3 MP and Internet access, then cloud video surveillance is already available for you. Read about all the capabilities of old phones in the article “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera.” All technical aspects of connecting a surveillance camera to a phone are described in the article ““4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone”.


Home video surveillance is available to absolutely all people, including pet owners. This opportunity appeared thanks to the simple technology of the Faceter service. With the help of cameras, you can solve the problems of animal behavior, prevent conflicts between pets, between animals and other people in the absence of the owner, or simply get some funny footage. All this can be obtained without large financial costs, because instead of expensive equipment, an ordinary phone is used, and instead of a complex system, a mobile application.

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