Video Surveillance in the Workplace: Top-N necessities in 2022

According to research in recent years, 80% of the world’s companies monitor employees in the workplace. Half of them watch their computer equipment and a third of them monitor the office. Is a workplace surveillance camera so necessary? What are the real benefits for employees and visitors, customers of the organization? This will be discussed in this article.

Why do I need video surveillance in the workplace? 

Video surveillance in the workplace is usually carried out to monitor the actions of employees during working hours, compliance with corporate ethics, and conduct with customers.

Video surveillance footage really helps to resolve emerging conflicts, problems in the workplace. Control over the behavior of people in the workplace of an employee gives a sense of security for the latter when it comes to, for example, a banking institution, a shopping center, or a building with a large flow of visitors. 

All in all, video surveillance solves quite a long list of tasks for the employer.

Innovations of 25.02.2022

According to the «GuardInfo» National Safety and Security Portal on 02/25/2022, employers now have the legal right to monitor their employees.

The innovation came into effect on March 1. The right is enshrined in article 214 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. In addition to video surveillance of employees, the article refers to audio monitoring and other ways of supervision. Surveillance is only for the purpose of organizing the protection of labor and production processes.

However, not everything is so quick and easy in this matter. 

The employer must comply with the mandatory conditions for the legality of video surveillance in the workplace:

  • notify employees of the surveillance; 
  • to adjust the Internal Labor Rules (ILR) by March 1, or to designate the innovation by a separate act;
  • to familiarize the personnel with the new procedure with their signature on the document;
  • install the monitoring devices in the places indicated in the act: workroom, corridor, lobby, elevator;
  • to determine the places where surveillance cameras violate the right to personal inviolability and are prohibited: toilet, locker room, recreation room. 

Prevention of criminal activity and investigation

The introduction of video surveillance has brought many benefits to the investigation of offenses, crimes, disputes, and conflict situations.

Sometimes just the footage from a surveillance camera helps save lives and prevent lawlessness. There are quite a few examples of this in world practice today.

In some public places, the presence of video cameras can stop a potential violator from illegal actions. Thus, surveillance helps to prevent criminal activity.

Top 5 Needs. 

Installing video surveillance in the workplace allows you to monitor the likelihood of any crime occurring. It is especially important for retailers and companies with a system of special passes and admissions. 

We determine the list of basic necessities of video surveillance usage. 

  1. Guarantee of proper behavior, compliance with corporate norms and rules of communication with customers, buyers, visitors, elimination of fraud and offenses by employees.  
  2. Control of a special security area. Usually, these are rooms where there is limited access bypasses.
  3. Saving video and audio recordings of incidents for further investigation. The material will help to understand the causes and collect evidence on the event that occurred.
  4. Providing the employee with a sense of security and safe activity in the workplace.
  5. Providing visitors, customers with a sense of safety of being in a public place.

Faceter for the office

More and more organizations are determining that installing a video surveillance camera in the workplace is necessary. The best way to solve this issue is to turn to professionals.

Faceter successfully installs sophisticated video surveillance systems. Faceter staff will help you choose the right surveillance cameras with the necessary list of tasks, set up high-quality equipment, and get protection and confidence in safety.

Faceter tariffs are absolutely affordable for any budget. Preliminary consultation is free. There is a possibility of free storage of the archive for 1-3 days.

Additional capabilities of video analytics provide nice bonuses and expand the resources of video cameras at workplaces. 

These include monitoring of employee presence at the workplace, the number of unique visitors, buyer and seller interaction, visitors waiting for their turn, and many other things. 


More and more often criminals and fraudsters of all kinds bypass the workplace protected by video surveillance. Video-control during working and non-working hours helps to prevent potential crime and assists in the investigation of incidents that have already happened. Faceter professional video surveillance system provides a sense of real security for life, health of employees, and production activities of the organization.  

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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