Video surveillance of children: 3 main reasons + 4 principles

Video surveillance of children: 3 main reasons + 4 principles

Video surveillance of children (your own children within the walls of your house/apartment) is a relatively new topic for Russian reality. This is due to the stereotypes and low value of home video surveillance in Russia. Let’s talk in detail about the main reasons and principles of video monitoring of children. Read on.

3 reasons for video surveillance of children

What parent is not familiar with the chilling feeling of fear for their child who was left at home alone?

Parents are most afraid of:

  1. Household incidents. The irrepressible activity of children often leads to fires, flooding, various injuries and other negative consequences of dangerous games.
  2. Break-ins of strangers into the apartment/house. Here we are talking not only about the fact that intruders can secretly enter your house/apartment, but also about the fact that children themselves let strangers on the doorstep (using various methods, persuasion, deception).

These are the two main reasons for setting up home video monitoring.

Reason #3 is the desire to control the behavior of the child in the absence of parents. Most often, schoolchildren are the ones who remain alone at home and need to do their homework, eat on time and go to courses, and do household chores. However, self-organization in children is always lacking, and phone communication does not always reflect the real order of things.

Remote control through video surveillance helps to see the real picture of what is happening with the child and get rid of obsessive thoughts and experiences.

Video monitoring of infants and preschoolers

To monitor and protect young children, it is advisable to use a baby monitor. However, the best option would not be to buy a special device that is extremely specific. Experts recommend using a smartphone and mobile video surveillance application. This option will be generally available, profitable and versatile.

All the advantages of this method of organizing a baby monitor are described in our article “Baby monitor out of smartphones: 6 reasons in favor of this solution“.

Video monitoring of schoolchildren and teenagers

Video surveillance of a child in your apartment is an effective parenting method.

Want to get accurate answers to the following questions?

  • when did the child return from school, walk or course?
  • how much time did they spend on lessons, and how much on computer games or phone calls?
  • how does the child do their homework?
  • does the teenager do household chores?
  • what do they do in their free time?
  • how do they behave when alone or in relation to other family members in your absence?
  • how do they behave with pets?
  • do they bring friends/acquaintances home (for example, despite a parental ban)?

When used properly, remote video surveillance promotes personal responsibility and helps achieve better academic success.

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4 principles of organization

In order for video surveillance to become a silent assistant for parents, it is recommended to proceed from 4 fundamental principles:

  1. Openness.

A video surveillance camera for a child should not be hidden, in view of compliance with current legislation and in order to avoid loss of confidence on the part of the child. Before installing, you need to explain to the child the need for such a step, come to a compromise and mutual understanding.

  1. Profitability.

If your budget does not include spending on organizing home video surveillance, there is a simple solution. Use two smartphones (one is a camera, the other is a monitor) that you have + the Faceter mobile app. Download the free mobile application from Google Play or the App Store, taking into account the operating system of mobile devices.

  1. Security.

Cloud video surveillance provides maximum security and protection of video recordings. This eliminates the need for the user to purchase equipment for storing large amounts of information, as well as the obligations to save data and update software. If necessary, you can view the video archive from the cloud.

  1. Simplicity and ease of use.

The simpler the better — the main motto of the consumer. The best option does not require the intervention of specialists, purchase of additional and expensive equipment, cabling, complex installation and configuration. And there is such an option — video surveillance of the child via phone.


In times of rapid pace of life and rapid development of technology, it is reckless to give up home video monitoring of your children. Children are subject to various influences and do not have a sufficient level of self-organization. They can be the source of dangerous situations and their victims.

For the purpose of protection and parental control, it is advisable to use video surveillance. The best option is cloud, remote monitoring via smartphones and the free Faceter mobile app.

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Alexander Weber

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