2 formulas for success when using video surveillance in franchising

2 formulas for success when using video surveillance in franchising

Experts note that video surveillance can be used in franchising in two ways: as a franchise (sale of a video surveillance installation business) and video surveillance, as an integral part of the control system of any franchise business. This is what we will talk about in our article.

Video surveillance as a franchise

There are a lot of proposals regarding the purchase and sale of a video surveillance franchise in the Russian market. At the same time, due to the underdevelopment of the market situation, the pricing policy is quite democratic:

  • required investments to start — from 150 thousand rubles;
  • royalties — within 6-10 thousand rubles/month;
  • average turnover/month — 300 thousand rubles/month

Franchise sellers guarantee a ready-made turnkey business, including high-quality technical and consulting support, as well as assistance in resolving various issues that have arisen in the course of doing business.

Cloud platforms in a franchise

The most promising direction of the video surveillance franchise is the cloud platform. Based on the specifics of data storage, this method saves the user from purchasing expensive equipment. So, for example, the cloud can save about 60-80 thousand rubles on one medium-sized facility, namely, on abandoning the idea of hard drives and/or stationary video recorders.

Other advantages of the cloud video surveillance format:

  • viewing video materials in real time;
  • informational data protection of the highest level.

Sale of equipment in a franchise

An additional source of income in a video surveillance franchise can be the sale of equipment. Depending on the purpose of surveillance, the following types of cameras can be sold:

CONCLUSION: video surveillance as a franchise business is a promising direction, given that the Russian market is in its infancy.

Video surveillance as part of franchise networks

Video surveillance is necessary for internal control at the stage of launching and operating franchise networks, as it solves a number of important tasks. We are talking about ensuring the safety of facilities, monitoring compliance with the terms of the franchise agreement, and solving basic business problems.

Compliance with the terms of the agreement

Signing a franchise agreement (purchase of a franchise business) implies compliance with its terms. In this case, the franchisor has the right to control the following processes:

  • room decoration in corporate style;
  • customer service standards;
  • quality of products (goods/services);
  • compliance with the corporate dress code.

The easiest way to exercise control is with remote video surveillance.

Improving the quality of service

The quality of customer service is greatly influenced by:

  • time of arrival/departure/smoke breaks of network employees;
  • implementation of labor regulations;
  • high-quality performance of professional duties;
  • compliance with safety regulations.

How video surveillance helps in solving these problems is described in the articles “Video analytics: service quality control” and “Video analytics: work process control“.


Classic video surveillance functions:

  1. Ensuring the safety of a facility.
  2. Safety of inventory items, namely video recording:
  • facts of damage to property;
  • illegal acts of staff and visitors;
  • commission of offenses (hooliganism, fights, theft).
  1. Physical protection of employees in case of disputes, conflicts, quarrels, as well as prevention of terrorist and raider attacks.

Attracting customers

Franchising implies that both the seller of the franchise network and the buyer need a flow of customers to run a commercially successful business.

Video surveillance will be useful for attracting customers having:

  • built-in video analytics systems (face recognition, maintaining lists, monitoring the work process, counting visitors and their segmentation);
  • quick notifications about events occurring at the facility;
  • technical capabilities of organizing public broadcasts of various events;
  • embedded online videos on the company’s website (in order to increase awareness and increase customer confidence).

CONCLUSIONS: video surveillance for business is an important element that allows ensuring the security of a facility and solving various commercial problems.

When buying and selling a business under a franchise agreement, video surveillance helps both parties: the seller — to increase attractiveness of the business being sold and gain control over the franchise, the buyer — to get a built-in security system and video analytics.


There are two simple formulas for success when using video surveillance in a franchise: sell a video surveillance installation franchise or sell a franchise business with a built-in video monitoring system. Which option would you choose?

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