Analysis of the Faceter smart surveillance system: in simple words about complex matters

Analysis of the Faceter smart surveillance system: in simple words about complex matters

If you are reading this article now, it means that the topic of video surveillance is familiar to you: either you already have a video monitoring system and want to improve it, or you are just looking it up and want to immediately get the latest developments. And that’s great. Today we will talk about the analysis of a video surveillance system from the international company Faceter and its mobile application of the same name. I will explain everything in simple words.

About the development team

The international team of developers and researchers in the field of computer vision consists of 4 people:

  • Vladislav Chernitskiy, a specialist with 20 years of experience in the development of biometric algorithms, neural networks and video surveillance;
  • Robert Pothier, a top manager of large companies, a specialist in the development of electronic wallets;
  • Paul Scott, an expert in financial and insurance technologies, Big Data and Blockchain.
  • Jason Goves, a specialist in security and video surveillance systems installation and implementation.

Realizing that the systems available on the video surveillance market are expensive, low quality and outdated, the Faceter team decided to create a revolutionary product.

10 million dollars in 20 seconds

In the first week of February 2018, the company, as a blockchain startup, earned $10 million in 20 seconds by selling compact devices for simplified remote identification (tokens).

The high demand provoked a response from the business community, as a result of which Faceter received numerous offers of cooperation (83 large companies from 52 countries of the world).

Banks, casino chains and many large companies have become the spheres of application of the project. The product has been successfully tested in Axis cameras and received the corresponding certification. And the effectiveness of the computer vision algorithms used has been confirmed by the American University of Washington.

Entering the Russian market

In November 2019, an innovative product entered the Russian market — the Faceter mobile application for the mass user.

According to the management of the Russian branch, the main goal of the enterprise is to create simple, convenient and publicly available video surveillance with an archive for ordinary users, and not only for large companies and the public sector.

Analysis of the Faceter video surveillance system

As a basis for the analysis, we will take the opinions of experts and the main consumer values: simplicity, affordability, low cost, versatility and safety.

Operating principle

The algorithm for using the Faceter mobile application is as simple as possible:

  • you need to download the application for two mobile devices with minimum technical requirements. It is necessary to take into account the type of operating system: download faceter video surveillance from the App Store or Google Play;
  • set up one phone in the surveillance area as a camera;
  • use the second phone as a monitor that is always at hand;
  • cloud is used for data storage.

Intelligent video analytics

Faceter video surveillance, available to Russians, has features of artificial intelligence. The smart system is capable of accurate recognition of human faces (up to 99.8%), autonomous classification of people by gender and age, maintenance of white/black lists, and also has a number of characteristics for solving security and business tasks. Details here.


The company’s developers are engaged in the development and improvement of blockchain-based investment tokens, expanding the range of intellectual functions for video surveillance, as well as attracting fog miners. Want to know more? Welcome to the website

Faceter is also launching self-learning neural networks for predictive analysis, that is, to predict various options for events and warn the operator, call an ambulance, firefighters and other emergency services.

The video monitoring system based on predictive principles is capable of learning. It is based on behavioral styles and algorithms for recognizing faces, emotions, abandoned objects, changes from given parameters, for example, in routes of people or vehicles.

We can safely say that the importance of predictive analytics is as relevant as possible due to two main reasons:

  • concerns about global public safety;
  • collecting marketing data to solve business problems.

That is why Faceter will develop its technologies in the direction of predictive analytics and smart systems.


Experts argue that the main obstacle to massive implementation of innovative video surveillance technologies is infrastructure. Stationary video monitoring systems are not available to many Russians: they are difficult, cumbersome and expensive. That is why Faceter created a fundamentally new and simple system based on mobile phones and a mobile application. The system is stable and has a high speed access to video materials, and there are many real life scenarios where it can be useful. Check out Faceter right now!

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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