Bullet IP video camera: 4 features for surveillance

When choosing a surveillance camera, it is important to pay attention to its technical characteristics and possible operating conditions. Otherwise, the entire system will not last long and be ineffective. In this article, we will take a look at a bullet IP camera and identify its pros, cons, and capabilities.

What is a bullet camcorder?

A cylindrical video camera is a surveillance device, so-called because of the shape of its body. “IP” means the transmitted video stream will be digital, not analog.

And in more detail about the differences between the two types of video streams, read the article: “Parsing the AHD (TVI, CVI) system and network IP video surveillance“.

Four device features

These devices are chosen most often because of the technical capabilities to work both at home and on the street. Many outdoor bullet IP cameras are equipped with IR illumination, which allows them to transmit images at night and in poorly lit times perfectly.

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But the advantages of the equipment do not end there. There is also a number of features:

  • some models have heating elements in the case, which allow the camera to operate, even at low temperatures;
  • compact forms that allow you to mount devices and not harm the main design;
  • easy installation using the elements that come with the camera;
  • a sealed box that protects the modules from aggressive environments.

Hardware Assessment: Pros and Cons

Despite the features that propel the device into the market, cylindrical cameras have their pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at them.

5 advantages of cylindrical equipment 

The main advantage of the equipment is easy installation, which any person without knowledge and experience can handle. But the camera has a number of other important advantages: 

  • built-in speaker and microphone; 
  • built-in motion sensors
  • alarm notifications by e-mail; 
  • the ability to connect additional sensors; 
  • synchronization with different modems.

Disadvantages of cylindrical equipment

Even purchasing modern equipment, you need to be prepared for the disadvantages:

  • high price. You understand that multifunctional devices cannot be cheap;
  • you need a combo cable when connecting. Otherwise, there may be malfunctions and signal drops;
  • Internet may be overloaded;
  • separate software is provided for each camera. This can create unnecessary problems when flashing or selling.


Cylindrical cameras are often chosen because of their convenient and beautiful shape, as well as due to their technical capabilities and additional equipment. But any device has its drawbacks. For example, a bullet camera is not the most budget-friendly option on the market.

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