Business center. What does an ideal video surveillance solution look like?

Business center. What does an ideal video surveillance solution look like?

Comfortable, like a 5-star hotel, convenient for work and business meetings — this is how experts see a modern business center. The current trend of the commercial real estate market is creation of such multifunctional buildings, in which you can comfortably live for several days. However, the events of 2020 made their own adjustments to the set of office options, and epidemiological safety, contactlessness and intelligent video analytics came to the fore. Let’s dive deeper.

What is a video surveillance system for a business center?

A business center, as a special type of commercial property, is a kind of ecosystem in which safety and comfort play the main role. In many ways, the work of a modern business center can be compared to a shopping center and smart office.

A prerequisite for the operation of a business center, as a facility with large crowds of people, is video surveillance (Government Decree of September 25, 2015, No. 272). The goal is to counter possible terrorist attacks.

In addition, in a business center, the need for integrating video surveillance with security and access control systems has increased significantly. And the objective need for contactless methods of access and service has raised the demand for heat maps and other video analytics options.

What should a modern video surveillance system of a business center include?

  1. Unlimited number of photo-video equipment.
  2. Convenient remote viewing of materials (online and recordings).
  3. Saving a large amount of information (at least up to 30 days, in the cloud or on a local disk).
  4. Support for any Internet communication channels (3G/4G/5G).
  5. Collective access.
  6. Quick notifications about events and system status.
  7. Easy integration with security and access systems.

Tasks faced by video surveillance in a business center

Today, video surveillance is the only tool that can combine solutions for security and commercial purposes.

Security and integration

What are the benefits of integrated video surveillance in a business center?

  1. Control of visits and intrusions into the building.
  2. Surveillance of entrances/exits to the business center and adjacent territory (entrance, recreation areas, parking).
  3. Prompt response to alarm (integration with fire, security systems and sensors).
  4. Monitoring of common areas (elevators, stairs, foyers, corridors).
  5. Controlling the situation in office spaces.
  6. Psychological impact.
  7. Prevention of illegal actions (theft, damage to property).
  8. Monitoring ATMs, vending machines with food/drinks, elevators.

Combining cameras into one system

It is advisable to combine cameras in a business center into a single system. This is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  1. Quick and easy creation of a comfortable operator’s workplace.
  2. Work in one window, through a personal account or an application.
  3. Convenience of use: unlimited number of equipment, grouping by specified parameters (for example, viewing by floors).
  4. Protection of video materials.
  5. Differentiation of access for the operator, security service, managers.

Personnel monitoring

A video surveillance system is capable of monitoring the employees of a business center, namely:

  1. Observation and control over labor processes: compliance with regulations, compliance with the discipline of arrival/departure to the workplace, adherence to the dress code, etc. Details in the article “Video analytics: work process control“.
  2. Monitoring the implementation of safety measures.
  3. Monitoring the work of employees in a cash register area, video recording of cash transactions. Read the article “Control of cash transactions: TOP 7 types of fraud and errors at the cash register“.
  4. Prevention of fraud in the access system (change of passes, unauthorized entry into the building).
  5. Gathering information to improve the quality of service.
  6. Business optimization, including increasing the competitiveness of a business center as a commercial facility.

What does an ideal business center solution look like?

An ideal video surveillance solution for business centers should be smart and cloud-based. These conditions will allow you to store huge amounts of information without enormous costs and risks of losing data. With cloud storage of data, a business center completely eliminates criminal and administrative responsibility for data storage: it is borne by the cloud service provider.

Intelligent video surveillance helps you optimize your business and drive profit. Pay attention to Faceter video surveillance, which combines all the current trends in the intelligent IT market.


A panoramic view, spacious office premises with comfortable temperature and humidity, free Wi-Fi, turnstiles and security post at the entrance — this is what a standard business center in the Russian Federation looks like. However, not many people realise that a business center video surveillance system solves not only security problems, but also helps a commercial facility to make a profit.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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