Cloud video surveillance: 5 steps of building a system from scratch

Cloud video surveillance: 5 steps of building a system from scratch

The scale of the global video surveillance market is growing by 10-15% annually. The Russian market is no exception. However, many users in Russia are still mistaken, thinking that installing a video monitoring system is an extremely difficult and costly undertaking. At the same time, in 2020, you can easily build a video surveillance system for a residential or commercial facility, in 5 simple steps, using the Faceter service. Find out about the basic principles that will help you create a video surveillance system of any size.

Importance of installing a video surveillance system for home and business

Any person is preoccupied with the need to meet physiological and security needs. And the concept of security includes freedom from fears for the safety of your life, your property and confidence in the future. However, in 2020 it is almost impossible to ensure the maximum security of your home, property and/or business without the use of video surveillance systems.

Video surveillance system for home

Cloud video surveillance solves the following tasks:

  • monitoring objects (house/apartment, entrance, courtyard, office, restaurant, shop, warehouse, construction site), as well as remote control over sensors and meters;
  • monitoring the actions of family members (children, the elderly or sick), as well as the behavior of pets;
  • safety of material values;
  • resolving controversial issues;
  • control over the work of employees, service personnel;
  • stimulation and improvement of the service quality in shops, warehouses, restaurants;
  • overall increase in the profitability of a commercial enterprise.
Cloud video surveillance

IMPORTANT: to solve the optimal number of tasks at the lowest prices, it is recommended to use the Faceter cloud service. The intelligent surveillance system is capable of face recognition, presence control, creating white and black lists of visitors, and other versatile analytics.

Benefits of cloud video surveillance

Cloud video monitoring is replacing classic video surveillance devices (analog cameras, recorders, monitors, equipped surveillance points) from the market. This is due to the following advantages of the cloud platform:

  • simple installation and flexibility of settings;
  • availability and low cost of installation;
  • remote control capabilities;
  • a wide range of functions;
  • compatibility and adaptation with other devices (phones, tablets, cameras);
  • automatic system updates;
  • secure way to transfer and store data.
Cloud video monitoring

Interested in how to set up cloud video surveillance for free? To do this, use the following algorithm:

  1. Look through your old devices. You need two phones with this set of minimum requirements:
  • working screen, processor, charging socket;
  • 1.3+ MP camera;
  • iOS 10.0 or higher; Android 5.0 or higher;
  • Internet access.
  1. Install the free Faceter mobile app on both phones. For the Android system, you can download it here, for iOS – here.
  2. Set one phone as a camera in the video surveillance area. Start the Camera mode.
  3. Open the app on the second phone to view video (as a monitor) 24/7.

The phone-based cloud video surveillance system is fully operational.

Phone-based cloud video surveillance system

For more information on how to use old mobile phones to organize video surveillance for your home and business, read our articles “What to do with an old smartphone: 5 examples of useful applications” and “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera”.

   5 steps of building a video surveillance system from scratch

Cloud video surveillance systems provide their users with a wide range of capabilities, among which – the ease of installation. Even if you have never had a video surveillance system and you do not have special technical knowledge, this is not a hindrance to installing a video monitoring system. Follow these 5 easy steps to build your cloud video surveillance from scratch:

Step # 1: Determine the goals and parameters of video surveillance.

Answer the questions:

  • what objects need to be monitored (residential/commercial)?
  • how many objects and persons need to be controlled?
  • what is the purpose of the system being installed: preserving property, monitoring the behavior of family members, protecting an office and employees, improving the quality of service, stimulating work processes, resolving possible controversial issues, or something else?

Step # 2: Choose a cloud video surveillance provider.

Faceter provides the maximum benefits in combination with optimal prices. Specializing in cloud video surveillance and intelligent video analytics, Faceter brings peace of mind and security to its customers.

Step # 3: Design a video surveillance system.

If we are talking about protecting a house/apartment/summer cottage, then the system design can be done by yourself. You just need to decide on the surveillance areas, the places for cameras and download the mobile application for phones or tablets.

Designing a video surveillance system.

If we talk about a larger video protection system, then you should use the services of professional video surveillance system designers. They will determine the system type, the composition of the equipment, the locations for the cameras, perform calculations for the installation and adjustment of the equipment.

Step # 4: Determine the budget.

Depending on the set video control parameters and financial capabilities, the user chooses the composition of the equipment and one of the 5 Faceter tariffs, namely:

  • mobile
  • mobile premium;
  • base;
  • optimal;
  • professional.

You can also use additional analytics options of the service, such as face recognition, notifications, maintaining white and black lists, building heat maps, tracking movement and more.

Step 5: Installation of equipment.

To build a cloud video surveillance system via a phone using the Faceter mobile application, you do not need to contact specialists. Self-installation and adjustment of the equipment will take about ½ hour, two telephones and Internet access.

If we are talking about protecting a business (store, restaurant, construction site, warehouse, housing co-op), then you should entrust the installation of the system to professionals. This is due to the need to implement a network surveillance system, the adaptive capabilities of the equipment, as well as other technical characteristics of the system.


Cloud video surveillance, which is completely easy to install, is an indispensable tool for protecting premises, preserving material assets, stimulating employees’ work and improving the quality of customer service. The distinctive features of the Faceter cloud service are wide functionality, simplicity, availability, combined with optimal tariff plans. At the same time, the composition of the equipment integrated into a single video monitoring system is not quantitatively limited.

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