Cloud video surveillance for your business: install in 3 steps

New artificial intelligence technologies and cloud services have become the main trend of the video monitoring market in 2020. Integrated video surveillance has already proven its advantages in efficiency, flexibility, profitability and security for a commercial enterprise.

Сloud services

Do you need to install 2 or 3 cameras in a small bar or several hundred IP cameras in a large retail network? Or do you want to know how many customers are lost due to incompetence of the service staff? The cloud platform will easily cope with any business task. Read on for more details.

 What business tasks is the cloud video surveillance platform suitable for?

Cloud video surveillance for business is designed for:

  • on-site monitoring;
  • protection of material assets;
  • improving the quality of service and staff performance;
  • reducing the cost of installing and maintaining the security system;
  • unlimited storage of video recordings;
  • increasing the profitability of the business as a whole.
Screenshot of the Faceter cloud platform

The video surveillance system is successfully used for protection of different enterprises.

  1. Public catering enterprises.

Business requires presence. This expression is especially relevant in the restaurant business. Do you want to know how much time your staff spends at the workplace and how long the customers were waiting for their meals? Were they satisfied with the service and food quality? Do you want to be able to instantly suppress theft, disorder and fraud in your enterprise? You cannot do this without a cloud video monitoring service for restaurants.

      2. Trade enterprises (shops), warehouses and delivery areas.

The system provides remote intelligent online monitoring capabilities and convenient viewing of archived video recordings, as well as provides access to various analytics. Face recognition, the system of white- and blacklists, counting visitors and many other possibilities. More details on the website.

      3. Offices and organizations.

Ensuring safety, combined with work order automation, powerfully impact your employees’s motivation. Now you do not need to be personally present in the office to control the behavior of personnel. This work is easily performed by a remote assistant – a cloud video monitoring service, which can be operated even through an old smartphone. To learn how to turn your phone into a CCTV camera, read our article “What to do with an old smartphone: 5 examples of useful applications.”

      4. Projects under construction and construction sites.

Each owner of a construction site is concerned with three questions: “How to ensure the maximum level of safety at the site?”, “How to guarantee the quality of work and avoid theft at the workplace?” and “How to deliver the project on time?”

To solve these problems, online video surveillance for your business and unlimited cloud storage of video recordings were created. In addition, the viewer will be instantly notified by the Faceter system about important events (the appearance of unwanted citizens or, conversely, important persons at the construction site).

      5.Housing cooperatives and entrances.

Round-the-clock video surveillance of the courtyard, playground and car parking, as well as the indefinite storage of archive recordings will help to avoid controversies and defend your civil rights if they arise. In addition, the cloud service for housing cooperatives and entrances will help control visitors of the monitored area.

 High quality at an affordable price

Modern cloud video monitoring has intelligence, vision and hearing. It provides a high level of control and efficiency with minimal financial investment. All because only a basic set of equipment is required to organize cloud video surveillance.

Equipment to organize cloud video surveillance.

A businessperson only needs to decide: IP cameras, microphones or a smartphone/tablet. Moreover, the number of cameras and microphones integrated into a single system can be unlimited.

Depending on the area of the protected project and the amount of equipment, the system configuration can differ: a router, a network switch, a power supply, connectors, cables. You can read more about the equipment connection procedure here.

The system configuration for cloud video surveillance.

The advantages of a cloud-based video monitoring system are also as follows:

  • wide functionality in the standard package of services, which is sufficient to ensure the security of any business;
  • expansion of functionality with simple devices and their compatibility with different cameras;
  • ease of installation, which does not require any specialists and, as a result, cost savings. Another advantage of cloud video surveillance is the built-in function of automatic software update;
  • secure system of data transfer to storage (cloud), protected by double encryption, as well as unlimited data storage. The provider is responsible for storing the archive;
  • overall financial savings of the enterprise due to the downsizing of guards, operators, managers.

 3 easy steps to set up the cloud video monitoring system

Step 1: Determination of goals, a list of violations and parameters for video monitoring of the business.

Step 2: Drawing up terms of reference, including the choice of equipment. The type of cameras, their number, software, data storage plan are selected.

Step 3: Installation and configuration of the system, according to the terms of reference. The cloud video surveillance system is ready to go.

The cloud video surveillance system.


Business video surveillance cameras allow you to solve problems of varying complexity with significant savings in financial and time costs. Increasing the efficiency of staff, ensuring the safety of the facility and employees, improving the quality of customer service and, as a result, increasing the profitability of the enterprise this is far from the complete list of the possibilities that the Faceter cloud video surveillance platform provides for business.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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