Cloud video surveillance for your store: 9 advantages

According to independent research, more than half of the average store’s monthly revenue remains under-received. The reason is simple: failure to maintain the high standards of service by the employees of the outlet. This oversight, as a result, leads to a decrease in customer return and loss of profits. To avoid financial losses, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the Faceter cloud video surveillance for stores.

What does a cloud video surveillance system give to a store? 

Main advantages

Remote video surveillance technologies for stores are designed to solve various problems, namely:

  • safety of the facility and material values, as well as the life and health of employees;
  • calculating the publicity of the store;
  • improving the level of customer service;
  • increasing the level of customer loyalty;
  • stimulating the activity of employees and maintaining discipline in the workplace;
  • ensuring reliable protection of archived data from criminals;
  • protection of the rights in the event of controversies;
  • saving money and time;
  • optimization of the outlet’s operation.

Cloud video surveillance from Faceter is the optimal solution for business and home. More details on the website.

 Face recognition 

One of the main functions of a modern video monitoring system is face recognition. Want to know the real numbers of customers? Receive instant notifications about the arrival of VIPs or citizens from the “blacklist”?

The intelligent face recognition system provides up to 99.8% recognition accuracy, conducts comprehensive analytics, and easily integrates with existing CRM and loyalty programs.

The intelligent face recognition system

Your business is guarded by a silent assistant who:

  • can count the number of unique visitors as well as recurring customer visits;
  • maintains white- and blacklists with the ability to quickly notify the copyright holder;
  • conducts an instant search for faces;
  • classifies store visitors by age and gender.

IMPORTANT: The Faceter cloud video monitoring system uses proven computer vision algorithms, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by the research center of the University of Washington (Seattle, USA).

For a detailed description of the face recognition technological capabilities, see our article “Face recognition technology: how it works and its relevance.”

Presence control

Most often, the lost profit of the store arises from the violation of working regulations and the absence of employees at the workplace.

Screenshot from the Faceter application showing office work

Cloud video surveillance is aimed at:

  • per-minute tracking of the presence/absence of staff and customers at the checkout;
  • counting the time that an employee spent with a client;
  • calculation of the client’s waiting time;
  • receiving notifications of regulations and standards violations by employees;
  • quick viewing of video and archive recordings.
Office work video surveillance

To track the above tasks, the presence of the person in charge of the store is not required. The cloud system is available remotely.

Customer service quality control 

Cloud visual monitoring of customer behavioral factors is the trend of 2020. It provides answers to questions such as:

  • what emotions did the client experience during a conversation with a store employee?
  • did the store employee greet the customer correctly?
  • did the store employee mention all current promotions and specials deals?
  • did the employee say goodbye to the client correctly?
  • how much time did the buyer spend waiting for service?
  • what other rules and regulations were violated by the store employee?

And even an old smartphone will help you get the most out of the innovative developments in the video surveillance market for business.

Peculiarities of equipment installation in your store

The store owner, who has already decided on the data storage system in favor of the cloud platform, has to choose the type of cameras. Taking into account the goals, you can choose controlled, modular, outdoor and other types of cameras. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the resolution of the equipment and the amount of information that the camera can record in 1 second (bit rate), as well as the options for light sensitivity and backlight compensation. The details of choosing cameras are described in the article “Organization of video surveillance in a store: tips from professionals.”

Video surveillance in a store

To get the most out of the store’s video surveillance, as well as its entrance doors and parking, it is recommended to order terms of reference from specialists. The issue of establishing monitoring areas is especially important. According to the completed terms of reference, equipment will be assembled and installed.

You can get advice on installing the system here:

 Cloud video surveillance service price 

Contrary to popular belief, installing a cloud video surveillance system in a store does not mean installing the most expensive method of protection. And for small businesses, if you use ordinary, old smartphones as equipment, the Faceter cloud service can be practically free. Video surveillance with a smartphone is characterized by ease of installation, flexibility of settings and a high level of security.

 Cloud video surveillance in a store

When connecting the Faceter cloud intelligent video surveillance system, you need to select a tariff plan, as well as additional options. You can see the tariffs here.


Modern video surveillance equipment for business can do much more than just record events in the frame. In particular, intelligent video monitoring is able to solve some of the management and marketing tasks. In addition, an important aspect in favor of cloud video control is one hundred percent protection of video recordings from criminals and a high degree of protection in the event of conflict situations in the store.

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