Cloud video surveillance service: 4 advantages and 2 disadvantages.

Cloud video surveillance service: 4 advantages and 2 disadvantages

In the Russian Federation, the demand for cloud video surveillance is steadily growing. The main consumer of the market is the state and large retailers. However, this does not mean that a modern video surveillance system is available only to large players. In 2020, the cloud video surveillance service became generally available. That is why in this article I will touch upon the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of the service, and also tell you how to get video surveillance via cloud service almost for free.

Overview of the Russian cloud video surveillance market

Most analysts predicted that the annual growth of the global security and video surveillance market up to 2020 should be approximately 22%, and from 2020 to 2025 the growth will be 10-13% per year.

The main drivers of growth are the demand for cloud storage, wireless hardware and intelligent video analytics. The Russian market is no exception. It grows quickly, but has a number of peculiarities. First of all, the factors holding back the growth of the market include:

  • difficult economic situation in general;
  • lack of the microelectronic industry;
  • devaluation of the ruble.

Taken together, these factors lead to an increase in prices for imported equipment, software and storage networking.

For an ordinary consumer, the following solution may become a way out: using phones + software of the Faceter service. Learn how to set up the cloud video surveillance service for free here.

Top 4 benefits of cloud video surveillance

The fundamental benefits of cloud video surveillance are:

  1. Cybersecurity.

Based on the definition of “cloud video surveillance camera service“, it is clear that we are talking about storing recorded information on cloud servers, which in itself is a security factor. This form of video storage makes it impossible for data to be lost or destroyed. At the same time, archived records are always available for download, viewing and transmission to public authorities.

A bonus for any cloud user is that the service provider is responsible for storing information.

  1. Multifunctionality.

The cloud video monitoring service can be used in domestic conditions and for business. Want to know all the benefits of using the cloud for your store? More details in the article “Cloud video surveillance for your store: 9 advantages”. If you are interested in how you can use the cloud service for your home, read the article “Cloud video surveillance for your home: TOP-5 advantages.”

  1. Simplicity of installation and use.

We surround ourselves with sophisticated technology in order to get rid of problems. And no user needs the hassle of installation and use, be it a food processor or a video surveillance system. The Faceter cloud security system can be installed in 15-30 minutes, ensuring maximum security. You can download the Faceter application in Google Play or the App Store (depending on the type of your operating system).

  1. Profitability.

Thanks to cloud video surveillance, the user can:

  • get rid of some staff workers;
  • save on the purchase of special equipment for video monitoring, its installation, maintenance and software updates;
  • save money on the purchase of a separate baby monitor. More details in the article “Baby monitor out of smartphones: 6 reasons in favor of this solution“;
  • regularly save time and money on travel to the facility in case of an alarm, view records, take meter readings;
  • improve the quality of service (for business) and make use of analytics without significant investments.

2 disadvantages

Cloud video surveillance systems have no significant drawbacks. However, two things can be noted:

  1. Lack of user knowledge.

Not every person has a basic knowledge of video surveillance, including knowledge about cloud services. As a rule, there is an opinion among people that video monitoring is not a service for everyone, that it is expensive, difficult and accessible only to the rich. This is not true. Cloud services are publicly available.

Learn more about cloud and smart video surveillance at It is for you, our users and readers, that we run the Blog section, where we talk about the availability of cloud video monitoring.

  1. The need for regular payments for video storage.

In order to have access to archive records stored in the provider’s cloud space, you need to pay a monthly fee on a regular basis. There is an exception: the Mobile tariff from Faceter, which provides 2 days of archive storage for free. Information about all tariffs can be found here.


In 2020, cloud services came to the fore in the Russian security and video surveillance market. This has been driven by technological breakthroughs in internet connectivity and consumer demand. Take note of cloud video monitoring formats for home and business video surveillance from Faceter.

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