Cloud video surveillance system: 6 tips from an expert

Cloud video surveillance system: 6 tips from an expert

The period from 2016 to the current year is a time of a powerful technological breakthrough, including in the field of video surveillance. Over the years, there has been a reassessment of values: the focus of consumers has shifted towards the cloud method of data transfer and storage, as well as towards intelligent video analytics. The world has changed, and I want to share six topical tips for building a cloud video surveillance system. Details below.

The truth that no one talks about

Firstly, look up “cloud video surveillance system” on the Internet and it will find dozens of pages, thousands of sites. Keep in mind that the first pages will not show you the best professionals in their field, but those who have invested the most in advertising.

Conclusion: choose companies based on recommendations, expert and user reviews.

The second point: more and more companies appear, but the purchasing power is decreasing. At the same time, many companies involved in video surveillance are trying to sell expensive, outdated, bulky video monitoring systems. But the video surveillance market has changed significantly and become generally available. Now, in order to provide security for private and business facilities, it is enough to download a mobile application on two phones and make use of the cloud services. Read more in the articles “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera” and “Video surveillance via phone: 4 principles of organization.”

Conclusion: choose modern cloud video surveillance systems that are easy to install and which solve a wide range of tasks.

What should everyone know about cloud video surveillance?

Despite the public availability of information, many people believe that an ordinary person cannot afford cloud video surveillance. This is a misconception that needs to be dispelled:

  1. A modern DIY cloud video surveillance system is a reality of 2020, which rests on three pillars: availability-portability-security. Today, in order to secure your home or business, intervention of specialists, purchase of special equipment and large sums of money are not required. You can get by with two old phones and a free tariff plan “Mobile” from the Faceter service, which stores archived recordings for up to 2 days.

  1. Remote access + scalability make modern cloud video monitoring systems irreplaceable helpers in everyday life and business. The user can use the system remotely, without being tied to the surveillance point. And the possibilities of integration with other devices allow the system to grow and develop.
  2. The cloud provides an almost unlimited amount of storage space. The restrictions depend only on the terms of the tariff plan. If new equipment is added to the system, then the size of the cloud space also grows.

  1. The user has no responsibility for storing recordings, and the system is updated and improved automatically, without their participation.

6 expert tips

Sooner or later, any person can get the idea of ​​organizing video surveillance to protect their home, family members or business. Consequently, a lot of questions arise. As an expert, I am ready to share with you fundamental advice on the organization of cloud video surveillance.

Who needs a cloud video monitoring system?

Cloud video monitoring is used to protect residential and non-residential properties, including houses, apartments, summer cottages, offices, warehouses, restaurants, shops, construction sites, entrances and courtyards of housing co-ops.

This system is intended for:

  • safety of material values;
  • monitoring the behavior of family members, staff workers, temporary attendants and mischievous pets;
  • stimulating employees;
  • business analytics;
  • saving money and time.

Thus, we can conclude that cloud video surveillance is suitable for different categories of consumers: individuals with different incomes and businesses of any size.

Cloud or standard platform?

If we talk about the comparative characteristics of the standard and cloud systems, then the comparison will clearly be in favor of the cloud. This is due to the low cost, simple and easy installation and a number of other advantages, which are detailed in the article “Cloud video surveillance: 10 advantages of using the technology.” And if you are thinking about using video surveillance or want to update an existing system, then pay attention exclusively to the cloud service.

Comprehensive project solution: pros and cons?

If you plan to ensure safety of houses, summer cottages, land plots, apartments or small businesses, then modern cloud services do not require a project. The user can freely determine the locations of the cameras and monitor, the role of which can be played by ordinary phones or tablets, and download a free application. The system is ready.

If you plan to create a security system for medium and large businesses, large areas, use various equipment and video analytics, then it is advisable to involve project designers. Their task will be to determine the composition of the system, and to carry out special calculations for installation.

Software selection

To choose the optimal software, you need to take into account a number of the following factors:

  • technical capabilities, including integration with other devices and possibility of expanding the system;
  • expert opinion;
  • real user reviews or recommendations;
  • cost of tariff plans;
  • simplicity of setup and configuration.

Faceter service is the best solution for 2020. More details on the website

Phones or cameras?

When choosing between a camera and a phone, keep your goals in mind. Phones/tablets are advisable to use in a medium-sized network and small surveillance areas.

The cloud video surveillance system on Android is available from software version 5.0 and higher (you can download it here), and the cloud video surveillance system on iOS will work on devices with software version 10.0 or higher (you can download it here).

Intelligent video analytics is not expensive

Contrary to popular belief, cloud platforms provide access to intelligent video analytics at best-value prices. At the same time, the range of tasks solved by this system is as extensive as possible:

  • information about the number of visitors to the facility;
  • face recognition and maintenance of lists;
  • classification by age and gender;
  • search for recordings by faces;
  • minute by minute details of working hours;
  • notifications about the arrival of important guests, unwanted citizens and violation of the rules.

Read about the above and other possibilities here.


From year to year, video surveillance systems become more affordable, simpler and smarter. To help users, cloud services have been created. They are a universal tool for solving basic security problems. I hope that my practical advice will help you get to know more about cloud video surveillance and make the right choice.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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