Easy and cheap video surveillance for summer house and garage: 4 best options

Video surveillance technology due to its availability is becoming more and more popular among private users. The number of potential users wishing to use video surveillance for summer cottages and garages is increasing from year to year. Video monitoring is used to monitor what is going on in the cottage, for example, in the wintertime. It allows you to stop pillage or investigate an incident that has already happened. A surveillance system with an online video viewer and radio capabilities will deter criminals.

The need for video surveillance of summer houses and garages

The mission of a video surveillance system is the safety of people’s lives and control over the safety of property from theft and damage. 

Video surveillance for the garage will help deal with petty hooliganism and deal with controversial incidents. Installing video monitoring at the cottage allows you to be aware of the situation on the site 24/7 and respond quickly to possible unlawful acts of thieves and looters. And in case of fire or natural disasters will provide a timely response to the incident. 

Video surveillance cameras allow you to exercise additional control over the security of any private facility. 

Such control is also necessary for recreation centers and tourist centers. Here, the question of ensuring the safety of residents is particularly relevant.

Lightning protection factor

An important function of an outdoor video camera is lightning protection. Voltage change, which accompanies thunderstorm phenomena, can ruin an unprotected surveillance system.

A simple lightning rod on the roof does not guarantee 100% protection from lightning and power spike.

The presence of a lightning protection factor in the video surveillance system will protect it against sudden voltage drops, which in turn will save the power generating unit and save both the information in the archive and the whole surveillance camera from destruction. 

The choice of lightning protection depends on what kind of system you need to protect – the power grid, signal lines, or control system. 

4 cheap surveillance systems 

Let’s analyze 4 possible options for installing home video surveillance. Options are low-budget, cheap due to the fact that they may be assembled single-handedly with the help of any tools that are at hand.  Here you don’t need great technical knowledge. 

But how effective and functional are the systems, which are assembled with your own hands? Won’t you still have to turn to professionals for an opportunity to organize complete and high-quality surveillance with all the necessary functions? So, a brief comparative analysis: 

Surveillance system options Characteristics 
Action – camera. Designed for shooting while moving There’s a thermal case, software to connect via Wi-Fi, and a battery. Low-budget substitutes are without Wi-Fi.

It is necessary to provide power supply and heating in winter. 

Computer and USB camera For home use only since the computer needs to stay warm. The camera can be placed 10 meters away from the PC. You will need to download the software for Windows.
Car video recorder There are recorders with 2 cameras.

There’s no internet access and online viewing.

Not all models have motion recording.

Smartphone and free software It is enough to have 2 mobile gadgets.

It’s necessary to download software with access to surveillance via the Internet.

Outdoor use is troublesome: you need a hermetically sealed box, winter heating, and a power supply.


The fourth option of installing video surveillance at home is the easiest and most affordable. Many people probably have an old smartphone that has not been used for a long time. The gadget is obsolete and it is a pity to throw it away.

There is no need to throw the phone away. The smartphone can be used as a surveillance camera. It is better to reach out to qualified professionals for the software application for the system, in order to avoid troubles in its further operation.  

The cloud surveillance service may well fit into Faceter’s mobile app. Video surveillance is now at your fingertips 24 hours a day. 

Faceter is “intelligent” surveillance with an analytical mindset. Set the necessary functionality and enjoy the result.


To conclude, when you need surveillance at home, garage or summer cottage video surveillance via your phone, the old smartphone and Faceter app can do it all with minimum expenses and little effort.  You are able to remotely watch the kids, home improvements or home cleaning, or how the pets behave with it. The goals of video surveillance in the garage, at the cottage, or at home are all their own. Choosing professional services is the best option to achieve these goals.  

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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