Cameras at campsites and recreation centers. The need for 2021

Cameras at campsites and recreation centers. The need for 2021

The primary purpose of video surveillance is to protect and control wealth and people’s lives. This is also required at recreation centers. The owner is obliged to create a comfortable and safe living environment for visitors. Video surveillance at the recreation center will help you with this.

Perimeter surveillance system. Benefits

Primarily, surveillance is mounted on buildings at the campsite, or special supporting fenced structures are installed. But regardless of their location, the recreation center camera provides the following advantages:

  • general situational awareness;
  • saving budgets;
  • fixing the date and time of the unlawful act;
  • the ability to recognize faces and record visitors if “smart” surveillance is installed;
  • online remote control and management of the system.

Equipment requirements

If the camera is installed outdoors, then other functional and technical requirements are imposed on it.

The outdoor camera should be:

  • “Armored” to withstand the effects of vandals and the effects of adverse weather with moisture;
  • lightning protection to withstand thunderstorm dangers;
  • with additional infrared illumination so that the image quality does not suffer at night;
  • with motion sensor (recommended);
  • corresponding to the required range of vision.

And for more information about outdoor surveillance devices, read the article – “How to choose an outdoor long-range video camera?

Additionally, it is worth paying attention to purchasing a video recorder and a hard disk, which store data from camera recordings. They must be of sufficient volume so that all information from the devices fits. And if you want to save money on the purchase of equipment, choose cloud-based surveillance systems.

Indoor surveillance options

If the camera is installed indoors, then you need to select a device with:

  • the correct viewing angle so that there are no blind spots;
  • additional IR illumination, if the shooting will take place both day and night;
  • protective housing to prevent visitors from removing or breaking the camera.


For classic video surveillance, even if installed indoors, you need to buy additional parts and equipment, such as power supply, fasteners, hard drive, and more.

As a result, all the accompanying elements come out more expensive than the surveillance camera itself. But there is an option to save money.

Faceter system

Faceter Cloud Video Surveillance is a cutting-edge, open-source technology. It eliminates the need to purchase unnecessary equipment. To organize online camera surveillance at the campsite, you only need:

  • required number of IP cameras to cover the entire coverage area;
  • mobile phone, tablet, or PC, the device will act as a monitor. The Faceter application is installed on them;
  • the system interacts only through the service and the selected tariff.

Thus, you can get by with a small number of devices and one downloaded application for video surveillance at a recreation center. And if monitoring is required indoors, then the IP camera can be replaced with a regular smartphone with a video camera. Read about it in the “How to turn an old smartphone into a surveillance camera” article.


Video surveillance helps with security control at any facility, even at a campsite. Choose the advanced cloud-based data transfer and storage technologies. Additionally, it is advisable to use the intellectual capabilities of the system.

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