EXIR and IR illumination for the video monitoring system. 5 differences

EXIR and IR illumination for the video monitoring system. 5 differences

There is no doubt that the quality of the video surveillance image should not deteriorate in the dark and should not depend on changing lighting. IR protects the image. Cameras with EXIR and IR illumination are on the market today. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at them.

Definitions and terminology

EXIR or Extra IR is an illumination made of light-emitting crystals and rectangular lenses that diffuse light. The technology was released by the Chinese company Hikvision.

When using cameras with EXIR lighting, you will notice that the light will be evenly distributed. Due to this, the image from the camera will not be overexposed or have dark spots.

IR is a backlight made from LEDs located around the device. The technology scatters light unevenly therefore darkening can be seen in the corners.

Where are they used?

Both lights are effective at night and have a wide range of functions. Therefore, video cameras with IR and EXIR illumination are used in business (guarding parking lots, private areas, warehouses, museums, factories).

The cameras have gained such popularity in commercial applications due to the quality of shooting, range of vision, and operational efficiency. Overall, both lights are good, but the EXIR technology can still be considered more reliable.

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5 differences in favor of EXIR

EXIR backlit IP cameras are an innovative solution that uses thin-film light scattering elements. Let’s take a closer look.

Power + range

Extra IR has a power of up to 750 mW, which provides a vision range of up to 300 meters. In turn, the IR illumination “sees” only up to 60 meters.

Power usage

Cameras with Extra IR use less energy but deliver more power. This is possible thanks to the evenly scattered light, which produces more illumination (about two times the standard backlight) without wasting energy.

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Video cameras with IR illumination fail faster due to overheating LEDs, which begin to burn out, go out periodically and spoil the shooting.

EXIR elements are protected from this phenomenon: they do not contain parts that can burn out.

Brightness optimization

Due to the thin-film light-diffusing lenses, as mentioned above, the backlight optimizes the brightness level. Therefore, the picture is uniform without darkening in the corners.

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The system is effective due to the lenses’ capabilities: they can concentrate on an area with a 16: 9 format. And you get a wide, unfolded, and complete image. 

Summing up

Developing technologies make it possible to make night video surveillance of no less quality than during the day. Choose the advanced solution of IP cameras with Extra IR.

And the system can be supplemented with the help of our intelligent cloud service Faceter. The service will help to combine all video surveillance into one mobile application with remote control.

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