Wireless night vision surveillance cameras

Wireless night vision surveillance cameras

Recently, with the advent of new simple solutions, video surveillance has become available to absolutely everyone: government agencies, legal entities and ordinary people. Wireless cameras with night mode deserve special attention. Often there is a need for night video monitoring. But at the same time, you would not want to spoil the room interior by drilling the walls and laying wires. Our article is devoted to an overview of the principles of wireless night video surveillance equipment.

Features of wireless video surveillance for night surveillance

When choosing cameras for video surveillance, you need to understand the advantages, disadvantages, as well as the differences between modern and outgoing technologies. Such an analysis will allow you to choose the optimal solution with minimal costs, capable of solving the necessary tasks.

Differences between wireless and wired cameras

From the term “wireless camera” we can conclude that the system is characterized by the absence of wires, and data transmission is carried out via radio signals. This allows you not to buy additional equipment: the owner only needs a video camera or an ordinary smartphone and a router to transmit a Wi-Fi signal.

You can read about how to use a phone for video surveillance in the articles: “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone” and “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera”.

Absence of cables not only saves money and does not spoil the interior, but also allows you to make the video monitoring device as invisible as possible. In addition, modern technologies do not stand still. Many companies are developing wireless camera servers with significant advantages. For example, a video monitoring platform from Faceter.

It is a wireless system based on a mobile application and 2 smartphones or IP cameras. Faceter works in such a way that the image from devices is transmitted in real time to the cloud, from where the files are available for viewing and downloading.

This means that additional, expensive or bulky equipment is no longer required for video surveillance. A few IP cameras or 1-2 phones connected to the system are enough. The implementation of the project is as simple as possible: you can cope with it yourself, without the involvement of specialists.

Differences between night and day surveillance

Night vision security cameras should be different from daytime devices. The most important function of such equipment is to independently switch to night mode. If this function is absent, then it is not advisable to purchase the camera, since the color mode in the dark will not cope with the output of a high-quality image.

When choosing the Faceter service, discuss with the company the need for a night vision camera, and you will be offered the appropriate equipment.

Differences between indoor and outdoor night cameras

If you need night video surveillance outside (in your yard, parking lot, warehouse, commercial building), then you need to choose cameras very carefully. Usually, outdoor devices are reinforced with additional housing that protects the contents from temperature extremes and weather. And in order to protect the device from the actions of third parties, it is recommended to install the cameras as high as possible.

Implementing video surveillance in a room, if the cameras will not be exposed to external negative influences, then you can use models without protective housing. Also, modern home video surveillance can be carried out using two ordinary smartphones.

Installation principle of cloud wireless night security cameras

The current capabilities of wireless night surveillance allow you to choose between three installation methods:

  1. Purchase of wireless IP cameras and a router, calling specialists for installation, signing a service contract. You may need additional equipment (uninterruptible power supply stabilizer, cameras, monitors, modem).
  2. Using 1-2 or more phones/tablets, downloading a mobile application and installing a wireless security system on your own within 15-30 minutes.
  3. Purchase of wireless equipment, calling a specialist to install the equipment and self-connection through downloading a mobile application.

Installation principle:

  • you need to find 2 phones or tablets, with a 1.3 MP camera and Internet access. Also, professional IP cameras can be connected to the system;
  • download the application for 2 phones: for Android – here, and for iOS – here;
  • one smartphone needs to be mounted on site, and the second phone will act as a monitor that is always with you.

Benefits of the innovative wireless video surveillance system:

  • automatic day-night transition functions;
  • real time updates about the situation at the facility (movements and visits);
  • intelligent video analytics;
  • saving video surveillance recordings for a certain amount of time, depending on the selected tariff;
  • suitable for business, home and control of children, animals and staff.


Wireless video surveillance is an excellent choice for those who want to save money on the purchase of expensive equipment and referring to specialists. Modern developments have made video monitoring systems available to everyone. The days of long wires and bulky equipment are a thing of the past, and control over a facility at night takes place remotely and with high-quality image.

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