How are video surveillance buyers scammed? Seller methods

How are video surveillance buyers in Russia scammed? Seller methods

The Russian video surveillance market has historically lagged behind the development of the world market. This objective fact, on the one hand, provides fundamental advantages for professional players, and on the other hand generates many myths, misconceptions and deceptions for buyers. Let’s see how video surveillance buyers are scammed. Interesting stuff down below.

TOP-5 methods of shady sellers

I must say right away that in this article we are talking about those methods that are fraudulent in the literal sense and/or have a negative impact on the buying process. With the help of such methods, buyers receive low-quality, unreasonably expensive, outdated or counterfeit equipment. We will also reveal other secrets of misleading a regular (uninformed and/or average) retail shopper.


They will sell you OEM in such a way that you will have almost no chance to refuse.

OEM means original equipment manufacturer. In the context of video surveillance, we are talking about a manufacturer of equipment and parts that can be sold to other manufacturers under a different brand name. In practice, this implies an unknown, as cheap as possible, low-standard brand, which has one advantage — price.

Purchase of video surveillance from OEM (scam mechanism):

The seller will skillfully sell the “best” video surveillance system that Russian engineers have created. They (the engineers) have developed a unique system that is available at a unique price and only to unique customers. With a reference to patriotism, one should give preference to the domestic system (unfortunately, there is no corresponding production in the country, but this is not announced). China, of course, is not worthy of attention, and European counterparts are overpriced (in euros).

What’s the deal?

The system is assembled from the cheapest, low-grade components. The manufacturer, under the influence of market conditions, may sink into oblivion. Consequently, there is no warranty or feedback. There is a clear cybersecurity risk.

Analog systems of the last century

Selling analog equipment is becoming more and more difficult due to the advent of cloud, mobile and intelligent video monitoring, but masters of their craft do not give up.

Misleading and misinformation are the main weapons of analog video suppliers and sellers. They inspire consumers that video surveillance is an extremely complex, specific, expensive set of services available only to a certain circle of people and businesses.

According to vendors of outdated forms of video monitoring, remote video surveillance via the Internet is a frivolous, ineffective and unsafe surveillance method.

Also, fans of analog systems run the risk of spending tons of money on installation, commissioning, maintenance and updating, since you will have to pay for each service separately and regularly.

Comparative characteristics of analog and cloud video surveillance can be found in the article “Cloud video surveillance for your home: TOP-5 advantages“.

Design solutions

Our editors always advocate thoughtful decisions regarding video surveillance. And we cannot but warn about such an “honest way of taking money” as the absence of prices for design and equipment in the public domain.

Scamming buyers (mechanism):

If the prices are not announced (they are not on the websites, on the Internet), then they cannot be checked. This provides excellent opportunities for price abuse. Often, designers are in a corrupt collusion with vendors.

Solution, if prices are not announced (hidden):

  • refuse services;
  • get a document with a price list and compare prices with competitors.

Free software

The only reasons for giving away software for free may be building up a customer base and increasing brand popularity, as Faceter does. You can download the program from Google Play or the App Store, taking into account your device operating system. This is the honest way.

However, there are other mechanisms as well. Most of them are based on promotional offers. For example, you buy software as a promotion (for example, for 3 cameras), but when you scale the system (up to 5 cameras), you will have to buy software at full cost for each new piece of equipment. There is usually no monetary benefit to the buyer.

Fakes of famous brands

IT market experts say that about 37% of branded video surveillance products in Russia are counterfeit. The helpers in this matter are “enterprising entrepreneurs” from China (especially there are many fakes with smeared logos on well-known Chinese websites).

How to avoid scams? Criteria of choice

A competent approach to choosing an equipment seller and provider is based on the following set of criteria:

  • positive reviews from real buyers and existing experts in the field of video surveillance;
  • high level of cybersecurity;
  • ease of installation, including the possibility of connecting on your own;
  • mandatory presence of software in mobile format (for Android and iOS)
  • optimal cost (you can buy cheap video surveillance here);
  • technical capabilities of remote access, integration, scaling;
  • other technical possibilities for solving personal problems.

TIP: to avoid long searches for information, read the article “Video surveillance system: TOP-7 best video surveillance services“. And pay attention to Faceter, the optimal video surveillance provider.


Instead of a conclusion, I would like to say that the topic of video surveillance is so deep, promising and versatile that it is worth studying in more detail (even if you are planning to install a system for personal use). Don’t be fooled or misled when buying hardware and software.


Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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