How to amplify a video signal in a video monitoring system? Optimal solutions

How to amplify a video signal in a video monitoring system? Optimal solutions

When creating large video monitoring systems, where many cameras are in need at a great distance from each other, signal amplifiers are required. They will help maintain the quality of the relationship between recorders and devices. And also, they will ensure the smooth operation of the signal. We will talk about how to organize such a system in this article.

What are wireless video amplifiers?

The signal amplifier is a board that is installed in the protective housing of the cameras. The video surveillance system uses special connectors, while the board requires constant voltage without surges.

The video amplifier helps you bypass cable restrictions. For example, the transmission range of information without interference over a coaxial wire is a maximum of 300 meters. And the amplifier allows you to transmit data at a distance of up to 500 meters.

Objects of application

As mentioned above, signal amplifiers are used in video surveillance of large objects. It can be:

  • factories;
  • construction sites;
  • companies in large, multi-office buildings;
  • warehouses;
  • other things where constant round-the-clock monitoring at long distances is required.


Very often, on large objects, it happens that only a wall separates the recorder and the camera. But to lay a transmission line between them, it will take several tens or even hundreds of cable meters.

Of course, some wires transmit data without interference over distances of up to 1.5 kilometers. But here, it is worth remembering that such a cable is costly, and it will be much cheaper to install an amplifier.

Amplifier for twisted pair

Improvement of online video  quality  and data transmission through the amplifier occurs using the following equipment:

  • a transmitter in the camera that connects to it through a special connector;
  • the receiver of information in the video server or the recorder.

The camera captures the picture through the transmitter and sends it to the receiver. That, in turn, transforms the image before viewing. Thus, the signal quality is maintained.

Reasons for popularity

The transmission of information using a twisted pair cable has become extremely popular lately. And this is not a coincidence as this system:

  • does not require high financial costs for the organization;
  • allows one wire to both transmit data and be responsible for constant power supply;
  • reduces the negative impact of electromagnetic fields;
  • allows using one multi-pair wire to transfer data from several monitoring cameras.

If you need not only a picture but also analytics

The video amplifier only helps maintain the picture quality at a great distance from the transmitter to the receiver. But very often, the requirements for video surveillance do not end with the image only. Business realities require video analytics.

Faceter’s intelligent service will cover the needs for situational analysis and notification in case of suspicious situations.  Analysts possibilities:

  • face recognition with an accuracy of 99.8%;
  • counting and classification of visitors;
  • compilation of “white” and “black” lists of people;
  • flexible API for big data analysis;
  • control of service and presence of working personnel;
  • online situation analysis and instant system response with operator notification.

More information about Faceter video analytics you can find here. To learn what equipment to choose for surveillance at large objects and the advantages of Faceter, read the article: “Video surveillance of long distances and large objects.


The IT sphere, like business in our country, is developing extremely rapidly. Accordingly, it is foolish not to use modern long-distance video surveillance capabilities as part of a business. Create the perfect surveillance system with signal amplifiers and analytics from Faceter.

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Alexander Weber

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