Video analytics: service quality control

Video analytics: service quality control

The highest growth rate in the global video surveillance market is shown by the software segment focused on the introduction of artificial intelligence. The market is expected to reach $87 million in 5 years.

The demand is generated by large customers: business representatives and government agencies. In addition to ensuring safety, consumers are interested in opportunities such as improving and controlling the quality of customer service. Read about what business service quality control is in our article.

Applications of video analytics

The main areas of application of video surveillance, equipped with intelligence, vision and hearing are:

  1. Public safety, incl. countering terrorism and spread of infection. The objective need to suppress criminal activity is a key factor stimulating the growth of the IT market. Intelligent video analytics are needed to track offenders, arrest them in time, prevent crimes before they are committed, and provide convincing evidence for investigation and trial.
  2. Development of smart cities. Global urbanization trends are shaping the basis of a smart city. They use large amounts of integrated information to generate effective ideas and solutions.
  3. Optimization of business processes. If over the past 20 years video surveillance has been used in business for security purposes, now, thanks to the intelligence of video cameras, it is used to increase sales and increase enterprise profits.

What is service quality control?

The key point for business activities is the quality of service and service control. As the accomplished American businessman, John Welch, said: “Quality is the highest guarantee of customer loyalty, as well as the strongest line of defense in the competitive field. This means that quality is the only method to ensure sustainable income growth.”

Consumers should receive:

  • high quality of services;
  • continuous improvement of the quality of services;
  • high culture of service.

Accordingly, the proper quality of service requires additional measures and special devices, one of which can be intelligent video analytics.

Analytical potential of cloud surveillance

The Faceter artificial intelligence implemented in a video surveillance camera answers the following questions:

  • how did your staff greet/see off the client? Did they say hello? Goodbye?
  • did your employees tell each client about all current promotions and special offers?
  • how much time did your employees spend serving one client?
  • how much time did your workers spend in and out of the workplace?
  • how long (per minute) did the client wait for service at the checkout?
  • what emotions did the client experience when communicating with your employees?
  • how many new/returning customers visited your business during the reporting period?
  • how the number of visitors changed depending on certain conditions (weather, holidays/weekends, school holidays).

IMPORTANT: the information comes to the owner of the video surveillance system in the form of regular reports, with full details. And, most importantly, the entrepreneur will know exactly how many clients were lost and how much of the profit was lost.

It is also a practice to build integrated systems that combine cloud video cameras, video analytics and cash registers. It becomes possible to reduce costs, due to the detection of losses from operations with goods passing by the checkout.

For more information on how cloud video surveillance works, see the article “Cloud video surveillance for your store: 9 advantages“. And a lot of useful information for owners of catering establishments is in the article “Cloud video surveillance for restaurants: you should know about it“.

Pricing policy

Additional analytical cloud video surveillance options are available at competitive prices. You can read about all tariffs for intelligent analytics for business here.


Not so long ago there was such a job as a video surveillance specialist. But today this profession is becoming a thing of the past. Cloud video surveillance has pushed out not only analog equipment, but also the human factor from this area. Today cameras with built-in intelligence are not only guarding law and order and public safety, but also replacing business managers. Smart camera options can do a lot, even capture customer emotions. There is no time to think about the future: it is already here.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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