Installation of video surveillance at the front door

Installation of video surveillance at the front door

A natural desire of every person is to ensure the safety of their home. Modern technologies and development of the video analytics market make video surveillance of apartments simple and affordable: you can install a video peephole, video door phone, or use modern smart services. Compared to the proposed options, the old-school peepholes on doors have many disadvantages. For example, people with poor eyesight cannot see anything, and children do not reach it at all. Let us study in detail the issue of video surveillance over your front door using modern technologies.

Can you install video surveillance at your front door?

In Russia, video surveillance is not regulated by one specific law, so all situations must be considered individually.

But general provisions can be found in the following acts:

  • Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Criminal Code of the Russian Federation;
  • Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law “On Personal Data”.

Video surveillance of your apartment’s front door will be considered as placing cameras in a public place, since many different people will get into the frame. The homeowner has the right to establish video monitoring, but only if the following requirements are met:

  • there must be a person responsible for reviewing recordings and storing personal data of people filmed;
  • there must be a warning sign that the area is under surveillance;
  • there must be a written consent of the apartment owners (at least 2/3).

You do not need to obtain permission from the housing company.

Are micro cameras an illegal solution?

Covert cameras are strictly prohibited on the territory of Russia, and the offender faces criminal liability for the sale, manufacture, purchase and use.

In accordance with Art. 138.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for the sale, manufacture, purchase and use of means to secretly obtain information, a person faces:

  • fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or in the amount of income for 1.6 years;
  • restriction of freedom for up to 4 years;
  • forced labor for up to 4 years;
  • Imprisonment for up to 4 years.

Types of legal video surveillance

In order not to become a participant in litigation, you need to study the issue before installing video surveillance over your front door and find legal types of control over the situation outside of your apartment.

We have selected TOP-3 basic and popular solutions for you.

Video peephole

The principle of operation of this device is clear from the name. Instead of an ordinary peephole, a video peephole is installed on the door. It is a miniature video camera with a viewing angle from 120 to 160 degrees.

The device is mounted on the outside of the door or in place of a standard peephole, depending on the model chosen. Also, a video peephole does not have a monitor; it must be connected separately.

The smart system performs the following tasks:

  • recording dialogues;
  • photographing guests;
  • night photography;
  • motion detection using a sensor.

Video door phone

Video door phones are the second option for obtaining a front door with video surveillance. This method is most often used in apartment buildings at the entrances.

The system works as usual, only the ability to monitor the area in front of the door outside is added. When a visitor calls a specific apartment, they turn on the audio communication function with the owner of the apartment, and the owner can connect to the camera and see the guest.

Smart cameras with Faceter service

Faceter offers modern cloud video surveillance suitable for different purposes. Why install separate cameras in each corner when you can secure your home with one system? The Faceter smart service can be moved and reconfigured to new facilities at any time.

Faceter is a leader in neural networks and artificial intelligence technologies. By installing this cloud service, the user will receive the following benefits:

  • flexible system suitable for protection of homes and businesses of any size;
  • simple video analytics setup. With the help of intelligent capabilities, the service recognizes faces, classifies them according to the specified settings and notifies the owner about events;
  • easy interaction with IP cameras and with a regular phone as a monitor. Install the device on the door, and use your smartphone to watch and receive notifications about what is happening on the site from anywhere. The system can also be scaled by adding new cameras. You can learn more about setting up the system in our article: “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone“.
  • secure data storage in the cloud. To use the Faceter cloud storage, no additional equipment is required (only a camera and phone), and access to files is provided around the clock via the installed application on your smartphone;
  • saving time. Having installed the Faceter service, you do not need to call specialists to install, configure and finish up the system. Physical presence of the owner is also not required for monitoring (remote control);
  • saving money. Cloud storage is not free, but relatively inexpensive – from 290 rubles per month, depending on the chosen tariff.

If you are not yet familiar with the cloud storage system, then we suggest reading the following articles:

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According to statistics, video peepholes are the most popular solutions, since they are simpler and more advanced. But we recommend that you pay attention to the Faceter cloud service, as it has many advantages. Such technologies make video surveillance flexible and affordable for everyone.

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