Intelligent video analytics: advantages, principles, tasks

Intelligent video analytics: advantages, principles, tasks

The main source of growth for the video surveillance market in 2020 is video analytics. And the main factor in the competition between software developers is the capabilities of video processing algorithms and their efficiency. But, despite this, almost all market participants showed positive dynamics of profit growth in the past and current year. Let’s take a closer look at the topic of video analytics with artificial intelligence.

State of the video surveillance market

The video surveillance market is rapidly growing in size, acquiring intelligence, vision and hearing, which means it is becoming smarter. In the period from the beginning of this year to 2025, annual market growth is predicted to be no less than 10.35%, and possibly up to 13.1%, says Mordor Intelligence, a specialized US analytical company.

Global trends in video analytics

Video monitoring, which is based on artificial intelligence (AI), has been identified by leading experts in the IT market as the main trend in the global video surveillance market. This is due to the business capabilities of this system, as well as solutions that can be used to combat global terrorism and extremism. We are talking about intelligent ways to track criminals, arrest them and provide evidence to investigative and judicial authorities.

The latest developments in this area are focused on developing such technological solutions that allow detecting crimes before they are committed. The symbiosis of artificial intelligence and innovative solutions is expected to spark market growth of 11% or more over the forecast period.

Russian market trends

The main growth factors in the Russian video surveillance market are:

  • use of video analytics in business and public sector;
  • implementation of programs for the development of smart cities;
  • realization of the need for the physical safety of citizens and their houses/apartments;
  • massive use of the cloud and cloud services;
  • use of cameras with high definition and resolution.

However, the Russian market is currently experiencing a recession cycle associated with the global pandemic and self-isolation. On average, the leading Russian players are seeing a 10% decrease in demand compared to the Asian and American markets. But this is not a structural problem, but a temporary one, experts say.

How it works

The main intelligent solutions for video surveillance are based on computer vision, which operates through neural networks. In this case, a system with elements of artificial intelligence, is able to process and analyze the input data, as well as create high-quality results previously inaccessible to a computer system. For most people today, the most understandable algorithm for video analysis is a face recognition program.

Scientists predict that by 2030-2040 a new format of the Internet will be created, named Neuronet. Main communications of the network participants will be based on transferring information about the activity of the brain.

Legislative base of the Russian Federation

At present, there is no single regulatory document in the Russian Federation that regulates the use of video surveillance in general and video analytics in particular. When placing cameras, you need to rely on the current codes (Criminal, Administrative Procedure and Administrative Code). They come into force if an offender is recorded on video.

You also need to take into account that warning posters must be placed in places where video recording is conducted. It is strictly forbidden to use any cameras in dressing rooms and public bathrooms. And, in addition, employees and workers must give written consent to filming.


The list of tasks that the video analytics of cameras from Faceter solves:

  • general issues of security of territories, facilities, citizens (employees); 
  • classification of visitors (new, repeated, by gender and age);
  • maintaining lists of important guests and unwanted persons;
  • improving the quality of customer service;
  • stimulation of labor activity of staff;
  • maintaining labor discipline, including adherence to safety regulations, rules and technological processes;
  • per-minute accounting of working hours;
  • notification of the system owner about events, violations;
  • increased visitor/customer loyalty;
  • protection of civil rights in the event of conflicts and disputes;
  • general optimization of the enterprise.

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Video surveillance with intelligent algorithms allows for real-time presence and service quality control. The global IT market is developing rapidly and consumers are offered services with the most advanced feature sets for video analytics. At the same time, prices are becoming more and more affordable.

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