Openness trend. Video surveillance for loyalty growth

Openness trend. Video surveillance for loyalty growth

Today, video surveillance for business is used in almost all areas. IT technologies and marketing do not stand still. Naturally, the business has embraced modern technology to increase customer loyalty through the open flow of video surveillance. We will talk about how this can be done and what business benefits can be obtained in the article.

What is an open video data stream?

The digital format of communication with clients has special knowledge. But why should it take a long time to describe the process of the company’s work on websites or social networks if everything can be shown through video surveillance?

An open video stream is, for example, when a potential client watches through the company’s webcam through a device for:

  • the process of creating a product or service;
  • packaging and dispensing;
  • customer service process and more.

Goals of open video surveillance for business

Every entrepreneur asked himself the question: “How to increase customer loyalty?”, “What other sources of traffic can be additionally introduced?”

An open video stream will help:

  • warm up clients. Video broadcasting of production and provision of services increases people’s confidence since they assess the quality of the company’s work personally;
  • attract new traffic. The video stream strengthens the relationship with the client; they do not need to read kilometers of “selling” text to be convinced of the organization’s expertise.

To achieve these goals, you can do:

  • constant online broadcasts. Relevant for masterclasses, fitness clubs, swimming pools, production of goods, components, etc.
  • online display of selected important company events. For example, customer service clips, business training, etc.

This approach will diversify the resource’s content, increase coverage, customer loyalty, and awareness, and familiarize clients with the company’s work process. And in general, it will help with business development.

Other business tasks of remote video surveillance

Публичная трансляция внутреннего процесса поможет не только с увеличением потока клиентов, но и улучшит саму работу сотрудников. 

Video surveillance will additionally help with:

  • staff discipline problems;
  • difficulties arising from poor customer service;
  • the issue of the inconvenience of monitoring employees. The manager rarely finds time to control the work of the staff, and the manager hired for this position requires additional expenses and this does not exclude the human factor;
  • problems with identifying hazardous areas of production.

Faceter solution

How to choose a video camera that will:

  • automatically analyze what is happening;
  • independently broadcast the shooting to the website or social networks;
  • be easy to set up, scalable, and require no complex hardware purchases?

We recommend you to check the offer from Faceter. This is a service that integrates a video surveillance system into a “smart” organism.

  • To use Faceter, you need:
  • buy a  required number of IP cameras;
  • install the Faceter mobile application on your phone;
  • select the camera mode in the application.

Installation is simple, you do not need to fiddle with wires and unnecessary equipment, and even a beginner in video surveillance can handle setting up the notification system.

The cost of using the service depends on the chosen tariff.


It’s time to get the most out of your video surveillance. Use the footage not only to control the work of employees but also to attract new customers. Combine IT technology and marketing.

And in order not to overpay for a cumbersome monitoring system, choose a cloud video monitoring service from Faceter.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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