Baby monitor for employees or how to set up a transparent business

Baby monitor for employees or how to set up a transparent business

Business requires control, and this is a prerequisite. It is necessary to constantly monitor and evaluate sales consultants, managers, warehouse workers, merchandisers, cashiers. Hired employees who know their work is being watched are more responsible. And today, it is possible to organize the “presence effect” of the chief remotely through video surveillance. So why are so many businesses “unattended” and not introducing video surveillance for their employees?

Why do you need video surveillance of employees?

The most common problems encountered in the sales business are summarized as follows:

  1. Theft of goods and other values ​​by employees.
  2. Theft of funds from the cash register.
  3. The use of fraudulent enrichment schemes at the expense of the company.
  4. The inefficiency of staff work.
  5. Poor layout.
  6. Unfair work of warehouse employees.
  7. Violation of the production process.

Why do Russian entrepreneurs do without video surveillance?

There are three reasons why Russian entrepreneurs abandon to video surveillance of their employees:

  1. Specificity of the Russian market.

Traditionally, the IT market of the Russian Federation lags behind the world by 20-30 years. Only in the last 2-3 years, innovative, lightweight, and flexible surveillance systems that can be used in business and at home have begun to appear on the market. Check out the representative of the new generation of video surveillance on the website

The market is filled with offers from companies focused on a closed-loop security system, including an analog version of video control. The users of these products are security services, not small business owners.

  1. The belief that video surveillance is expensive.

The general user has incomplete or outdated knowledge about video surveillance, thinking that it is available only to very wealthy individuals and large enterprises. This misconception is fueled by active advertising of the dying analog video surveillance. Many are afraid of the ongoing maintenance costs.

  1. Difficulties to choose: designer, seller of equipment and/or software, installer.

The fears are reasonable.

We have written the articles regarding them:

How to set up a transparent business?

Do you want to get a transparent business? The optimal solution, which is relevant for 2021, is the use of modern technologies.

Every year, video monitoring hardware and software are becoming more functional, simple, flexible, and economical.

IP cameras are equipped with powerful processors that expand the range of business applications. Today any “baby monitor” for observing employees is a powerful tool for searching and collecting data about a business, with various metrics and reports that “digitize” offline trade and production processes.

Competitive struggle provides price reduction, opening the door to the world of video surveillance for everyone.

The advent of dedicated cloud services like Faceter, which took over the server-side of the issue, and broadband Internet have made storage easier.

Faceter baby monitor for employees

How to organize a baby monitor for your employees in 4 easy steps:

  1. Define a goal, a number of tasks. It is desirable to state it in writing.
  2. Select the necessary observation areas, including priority ones. You need to install high-quality and resolution video cameras in these places, and in less important places, you can get by with simple black and white equipment.
  3. Connect software Faceter to already installed cameras.
  4. Select a storage rate and additional video analytics capabilities (if necessary).


Create a “presence and control” effect in your business to monitor employees with the help of modern network video equipment. It allows you to monitor the situation remotely, from any geographic location in the world. The system, which is flexible in architecture, is able not only to ensure the safety of values but also to conduct an adequate assessment of the company’s work as a whole.

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