Organization of video surveillance in restaurants. Video analytics fundamentals

Organization of video surveillance in restaurants. Video analytics fundamentals

The unspoken rules of the modern restaurant business suggest that in addition to classic video surveillance functions, it is necessary to use intelligent video detectors. They are able to prevent fraud, theft and other illegal actions, and the obtained data helps to increase the profitability of a business. Today we will talk specifically about video analytics with elements of artificial intelligence.

New approach to video surveillance for the restaurant business

Video monitoring for catering establishments has become multifunctional. In addition to 24/7 security, operational alarm and automatic notification, a restaurant camera can collect and analyze video materials without human intervention. At the same time, the work of software algorithms based on neural technology is comparable to the work of the human brain.

What can an intelligent video surveillance system do?

  1. Record the traffic of visitors, including statistical data, use of face recognition technologies and maintenance of lists (white/black lists, new/repeat visitors).
  2. Collection and analysis of information about the client’s waiting time and their emotions.
  3. Track statistics of each employee (the amount of time spent with clients, minute details with each client).
  4. Tracking compliance with service regulations, cooking techniques and safety at work.
  5. Prevent economic disruption and losses by using methods of counting the number of dishes and drinks dispensed by the kitchen and to compare them with information from the cash register system.
  6. Provision of security, including surveillance of entrances/exits, halls, checkout area, kitchen and surrounding area. That said, hidden cameras in a restaurant can be illegal.

TIP: Read the article “Cloud video surveillance for restaurants: you should know about it“, which describes the main points of a restaurant video surveillance system.

Integrated safety standards

Innovative solutions for face and license plate recognition significantly increase the efficiency of a restaurant’s security system. This allows you to take prompt and preventive measures to prevent emergencies and conflicts in restaurants.

A restaurant webcam with face recognition option is required to compile white (VIP) and black (unwanted) lists of visitors. The software also contributes to the control and restriction of access to certain office premises.

Recognition of state license plates of vehicles, in addition to ensuring safety, is necessary for the competent organization of parking time control.

Video surveillance from Faceter fully meets the high security requirements for business.

Preventing fraud and theft

Experts claim that 75% of the economic losses of catering establishments are associated with the following points:

  • fraud and theft of staff and/or manager. We are talking about the theft of cash from the cash register, theft of food/drinks and personal misuse of food in the workplace;
  • non-prompt response to riots, theft and fraud. Also, losses are caused by the difficulty in resolving controversial and conflict situations. Intelligent video surveillance has vision and hearing, which significantly increases the speed of response and increases the detection rate of economic crimes to instantaneous;
  • rejection or disregard of the established regulations and labor discipline by employees. Do you want to know how long an employee was absent from the workplace while a client was on hold? Read the article “Video analytics: service quality control“.

Increase in profit

Lack of detailed marketing data about restaurant operations results in lower profits. Online restaurant cameras with built-in intelligent software collect and analyze various information about restaurant traffic at different times of the day and days of the week. Using VIP-lists allows you to personalize the service and provide an individual approach to service.

Also, a self-organizing video surveillance system generates reports by groups of guests, which is the basis for marketing campaigns and targeted advertising. And information about the restaurant’s workload will be useful in scheduling staff work.


The owners of restaurants/bars/cafes cannot neglect innovative technologies in the field of video surveillance, as this directly affects the profit of the enterprise and its safety. Do you want to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide the best possible service to your customers? You need intelligent video analytics from Faceter. Details on the website, section “For business“.

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