Outdoor video surveillance: how to install + 3 services

Outdoor video surveillance: how to install + 3 services

Over the past 5 years, significant changes have occurred in most Russian cities: now we live under the barrel of many surveillance cameras. The main customers of the video surveillance market are government agencies and bodies, as well as large retailers. However, outdoor video surveillance, as a modern solution to security issues, is a public service. Let’s figure out how to set up outdoor video monitoring in a few simple steps without violating the interests of third parties. Details below.

Purposes of outdoor video monitoring

Visual control and automatic analysis of recorded information using optoelectronic technology is, in fact, video surveillance. If it is outdoor surveillance, we can talk about recognizing faces, buildings, structures, vehicles and their registration numbers.

The purposes of outdoor video surveillance can be:

  • ensuring safety on the streets, roads, transport;
  • capturing criminal activity (theft, misappropriation and damage of someone else’s property, vandalism, etc.);
  • improving the quality of city services and commercial organizations;
  • solving possible disputes.

Outdoor video surveillance and law

When installing outdoor video monitoring equipment, you need to take into account a number of legislative restrictions. The situation is worsened by the fact that in the current Russian legislation there is not a single document that would regulate this matter. When installing outdoor surveillance cameras, you need to rely on the following legal norms: the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Code of Administrative Judicial Procedure. They come into force if a citizen who has committed illegal actions is caught on the video.

IMPORTANT: installation of outdoor cameras does not fall under the jurisdiction of Federal Law No. 152 “On Personal Data”, Article 22, paragraph No. 1, which deals with obtaining information about a person in order to get their identity. This is due to the following factor: control of the situation with the help of external equipment and identification of a citizen by video recording based on their biometric data are two different processes.

Documents required for installation of outdoor video monitoring

Installation of outdoor video camera equipment is not subject to state licensing. But, you need to be aware that regional regulations and/or other permits from local government agencies may be needed. Preserving the architectural style of the city, monuments and cultural heritage can hinder the process. For example, when installing video equipment on the facades of many apartment buildings in St. Petersburg, you must obtain permission from the Committee for Urban Planning and Architecture.

If an outdoor surveillance camera is placed in the entrance or courtyard of an apartment building, then a protocol of the meeting of residents is required (at least 50% of citizens entitled to vote). Read about the possibilities of cloud video surveillance for housing co-ops here.

If a camera is installed in an enterprise, including offices, then employees must be familiar with the fact of launching a video surveillance system and sign a document of consent.

If a camera is installed in children’s educational institutions, then the consent of the staff and the parents of the students is not required. The head of the school makes the sole decision on this matter, as the space itself is public. However, they are obliged to notify the local office of Roskomnadzor in writing. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the purpose of video filming, as well as a number of measures that will guarantee the protection of the data obtained.

You should also take into account that a warning notice must be posted in places equipped with video cameras. This requirement is due to the ban on collecting data on the private life of Russians without their permission.

Responsibility for illegal use of video surveillance

In case of ignoring the necessary rules regarding the installation of outdoor video surveillance, the offender can expect punishment in the form of:

  • penalties, the amount of which is established by regional legislation;
  • compensation for damage to the facade of the building;
  • mandatory dismantling of equipment.

Service selection

What makes it difficult today, in 2020, to choose a service or service provider for a consumer?

  1. Long-standing stereotypes that outdoor cloud video surveillance is expensive and inaccessible for ordinary citizens. Many people deny themselves video surveillance without even diving into the topic.
  2. Variety of competitors in this area. Too many advertisements, all services position themselves as top-notch and as useful as possible.
  3. Lack of a coherent system of selection criteria.

We propose to pay attention to such selection factors as:

  • opinions of users and experts;
  • safety;
  • technical capabilities of the service, including integration with third-party equipment and programs;
  • availability of a mobile version;
  • cost;
  • availability of guarantees;
  • simplicity, ease of use.

TOP-3 services:

  1. Faceter.

The service is characterized by maximum simplicity and easy integration with any devices, be it an outdoor video surveillance camera, IP video surveillance or mobile phones. There is also a set of intelligent video analytics. The system is configured and updated automatically. Basic tariffs start at 290 rubles/month. It is also possible to use the system for free. Read the details on the official website https://faceter.cam/ru.

  1. Youlook.

Modern service for indoor and outdoor video surveillance: multifunctional and simple. However, it works exclusively with a limited set of equipment. Tariffs from 500 rubles/month.

  1. Ivideon.

The service is easy to use and meets the basic requirements of a modern outdoor video surveillance system. It integrates with cameras of their own production and with 98% of third-party equipment. Outdoor tariff – 5490 rubles/month.

TIP: want to learn how to save money on video surveillance in general? Read the article “Video surveillance via phone: 4 principles of organization.”

 Installation rules

It is advisable to install outdoor video surveillance with recording according to the following algorithm:

  • decide on the purpose of surveillance, list of objects and actions that need to be monitored;
  • draw up a technical document (terms of reference), according to the goals, list of equipment and corresponding budget;
  • install the equipment according to the terms of reference yourself or with the assistance of specialists.

Instead of a conclusion

Pay attention to the possibilities of outdoor video monitoring of the Faceter service. To protect your property and keep your peace of mind, use a modern, feature-rich, highly intelligent service that meets the needs of both users and experts.

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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