Personal video recorder. Review of the best models

Personal video recorder. Review of the best models

Nuix analysts and security specialists assure that the use of body cameras worldwide will rise by 15.5% every year. The improvement in the technical functions and capabilities of a personal video recorder is quite predictable, Security News reports. Moreover, the growth is not so much due to the implementation of technologies, but to the search for new areas and applications for body cameras in 2020-2025. Our article is dedicated to wearable video equipment and an overview of the best solutions in this area.

Description of personal wearable devices

In the IT market, a body camera is a small and lightweight portable hybrid of a camera and video player that records what is happening and transfers information to storage (local or cloud). The device is attached to clothing or a helmet.

The camera has a microphone and can also analyze the incoming data using modern intelligent software.

Distinctive technical parameters

Developers of personal wearable video recorders are constantly improving their technical characteristics. Today, filming in FullHD quality using wide-angle optics is considered the norm.

In addition, body-worn cameras have the following technical characteristics:

  • recording speed – 30 fps;
  • photosensitive optics;
  • viewing angle – at least 65 degrees;
  • ability to store information for a certain time;
  • ability to withstand temperature drops from -40 to +60 degrees.

The main distinguishing feature of body cameras is the alarm recording option when the device is activated by specific events. For example, when the user starts running or falls to the ground.

Russian legislation

In 2020, in the Russian Federation, personal video recorders are legally used only by police and traffic police officers. Experts believe that the mass implementation of personal video monitoring technology is only a matter of time. At the moment there is no specific legislative act regulating the issue of wearing cameras for civilians in Russia.

Personal video recorders are used to protect the life and health of people, to combat illegal actions and help in the investigation of crimes. Therefore, at the moment in the Russian Federation, body cameras can be used only government agencies.

Review of the best models

On the IT market, you can find many models of personal video recorders, but we will tell you about the TOP 3 best options:

  1. BODY-CAM G-0.

Price – from 6 to 33 thousand rubles.

This police body camera has a shockproof casing that is waterproof. Light-sensitive and wide-angle optics allow you to shoot at 140 degrees at any time of the day without loss of quality.

  1. Protect R-01S.

Price – from 5 to 29 thousand rubles.

The device meets the same specifications as the previous model. But the main difference is the rubber plugs on all ports, such a small detail allows you to film even under water.

  1. Tecsar B27-4G-GPS-MOB.

Price – from 9 to 40 thousand rubles.

The device is capable of recording in FullHD quality, and at night, small details are highlighted by infrared illumination. The system is also equipped with a GPS module that records the location of the camera.

IMPORTANT: these are approximate prices for body-worn cameras. You can find different prices, taking into account the selected configuration, manufacturer and other conditions.

Alternative solution

Since, according to the current Russian legislation, body cameras can only be used by government agencies, comes up the question of alternative solutions for regular people (including employees of private security companies).

Instead of personal video recorders, it is possible to use a cloud video surveillance system. They are distinguished by their simplicity and absence of unnecessary equipment, which means they help save money.

One of the popular solutions is the Faceter cloud service, which is able to store video content in encrypted form on a remote platform. Only the owner of the system with a personal code can access the materials. Faceter possesses modern software capable of conducting video analytics: face recognition, making white and black lists of visitors to a company or private property, and classifying visitors by gender and age.

You can use a smartphone instead of a body camera. Naturally, a mobile phone is inferior to special equipment in a number of technical characteristics. Although it can be used as a video recorder. Details here.

For a detailed study of the topic of cloud video surveillance and analytics, read our article: “Remote video surveillance systems: the future is already here“.

When it comes to business protection, Faceter is often used to guard warehouses, shops, restaurants, offices and other business facilities. Read more in our article: “Video surveillance via the Internet: 5 facts you should know about“.


Body cameras, as current technological solutions, are used to ensure public safety, investigate crimes and prevent violations by citizens and employees. Civilians can trust cloud video surveillance, which is absolutely accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

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Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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