Smart video surveillance system

Smart video surveillance system

The Smart Home system can become an irreplaceable assistant in everyday life. And the use of surveillance cameras in this system will help solve a whole list of everyday tasks. For example, protection of material values, tracking the activity of children who are in another room, or controlling order in a house where pets were left alone. Any violation will be noticed in real time with the smart video surveillance system. This is what our article is about.

Smart video surveillance as part of the Smart Home system

Smart home is a system in which all gadgets are combined into a single organism and are aimed at automating home life. This service allows you to control equipment remotely, making it easier and improving the standard of living. In addition, security issues are resolved with the help of a smart system. Smart cameras allow you to monitor and control the situation in the house online. At the same time, some devices are equipped with motion sensors and sensors on doors and windows.

Main functions and applications

Smart homes, including smart video surveillance, can be used not only in everyday life (for home use), but also for business.

By installing surveillance cameras, you can:

  • monitor what is happening in real time 24/7 at the facility where the system operates;
  • observe the actions of pets and household members (children, sick and elderly family members);
  • monitor the quality of work of service personnel, as well as their behavior;
  • encourage employees to improve the quality of service;
  • resolve controversial situations at home and work;
  • preserve material values ​​(monitoring warehouses, safes and deposit boxes);
  • increase the overall profitability of your enterprise.

Installation principles

Installation of video surveillance equipment is carried out in different ways, since it depends on several parameters:

  • system goals;
  • technical requirements;
  • set of the selected equipment.

Installation of the system can be carried out on your own and/or with the help of specialists. Before starting, you need to decide on the number of cameras and their locations.

If the areas are small, then one device is enough, it will capture all the corners and perimeter of the room. With a large area, several cameras will be required. Usually, inside apartments, one camera is mounted in each room, and in houses, up to three devices are installed. In commercial enterprises, several cameras are favored, where one monitors the main room, and the other watches the doors.

Possible configurations

The Russian market for video surveillance and smart gadgets is annually replenished with advanced and original solutions. And each updated model usually has expanded functionally and equipped with an additional list of options (for example, voice, gesture, face recognition).

Let’s take a look at the main possible configurations of smart video surveillance:

  1. Cloud video surveillance with the Faceter service.

Faceter smart platform will capture what is happening in real time and transfer the image to your phone. The system has a motion sensor, night vision and notifies you in case of detection of non-standard situations in accordance with the settings.

Instead of expensive equipment, you can use an ordinary smartphone connected to a video surveillance system. Read more in the article “Turning an old smartphone into a surveillance camera”.

Cameras are controlled remotely via phone or tablet. You can install the equipment yourself or with the help of specialists. Instructions on how to connect a phone to the system can be found in the article “4 steps of connecting a CCTV camera to your phone”. There is a free tariff for mobile phones, and average tariffs range from 290 rubles to 980 rubles.

  1. FIBARO Starter Kit (price from 30 to 47 thousand rubles).

The system has a temperature, leakage, humidity, smoke and motion sensors. It is controlled remotely via phone with an installed application.

You can install the equipment yourself or with the help of specialists.

  1. Smart Home GAL SH-1000, Starter set (price from 3 to 6 thousand rubles).

A budget option, so you don’t need to expect cool characteristics from it. In fact, this set is not a smart home, it is an automated security system with leakage and door sensors. Operated remotely via radio frequency remote control or smartphone.

  1. Smart home Rubetek Evo, House set (price from 5 to 14 thousand rubles).

Simple smart video surveillance system. It has a smoke detector, sensor for windows and doors, can turn on a single electrical appliance in the house and controls the light in one room. Control is carried out only through a home computer via Wi-Fi.

  1. Xiaomi Smart Home 2 Full Kit (price from 4 to 20 thousand rubles).

It’s not just a security system, but a complete home capable of controlling multiple devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The kit has a motion and door opening sensor, temperature sensor and a wireless connection module to household appliances. Installed independently or with the help of specialists.

  1. Rostelecom Advanced Security kit (from 12 to 15 thousand rubles).

The main task of the domestic company is safety, therefore the system has smoke, leakage, door opening and motion detectors. The system is controlled remotely from a mobile device. You can install the system yourself or with the assistance of specialists.

Intelligence of smart cameras

Modern technologies make it possible to control a business, home and other facilities in real time from a regular smartphone. All data is stored on a cloud service and available for viewing without downloading. A simple and functional system will replace a security guard, nanny, nurse and manager. The smart home video surveillance system works 24/7 and notifies the owner in a timely manner about violations.

Intelligent features of the Faceter service:

  1. Face recognition. The functions of counting new, repeated and unique visitors, classification of customers by age and gender, as well as compilation of white and black lists of visitors are available.
  2. Control of presence. Faceter tracks the time of presence of staff and customers in a specific area. This allows you to improve the quality of service and increase business income.
  3. Quality control of staff work. The system will record the process of serving visitors and notify you in cases when employees deviate from the service rules.

Moreover, with such broad capabilities, the Faceter system is very efficient. You pay only for a little bit of equipment and the selected tariff.


Smart home with video surveillance is an increase in security for home and business. A comprehensive monitoring system saves money for the owner, as it replaces security guards, nannies and improves the quality of staff work. The days of expensive and bulky equipment are a thing of the past. Today it is possible to control facilities using several phones connected to the same network.

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