Software for video surveillance

Software for video surveillance

Why do we install video surveillance? To obtain information in order to ensure the safety of facilities. Modern methods of data capture allow you to view video recordings in live broadcasts, as well as to quickly view archive materials from hard drives or a cloud server. Today we will talk about the best software for viewing surveillance cameras. Read on.

Ways to view videos

The choice of a specific device and method of viewing video recordings is based on the tasks and parameters of the video surveillance system. Today, there are 4 main methods: local, mobile, remote via PC and “video wall”. Let’s dive into each method.


If the facility and events occurring are monitored through a video control system, video recorder, monitor and special server, then this method is called local. Such monitoring mostly requires the direct presence of an observer at the facility itself. It is used to control small-area facilities (shops, warehouses, banks).

Remote via PC

This method of video monitoring was the most popular until recently. Here, a personal computer acts as the main monitor: you can view both online broadcasts and the archive of recordings. Certain software with built-in functionality is used for viewing surveillance cameras via pc. Today, cloud programs are mainly used as they do not require updating or configuration.

Video wall

For large-scale facilities, such a video surveillance system is created, which can consist of many video cameras. A video wall has points of view from each specific area of ​​surveillance, and the system is adjusted so as to quickly switch channels. This is useful for dealing with emergencies and preventing them. It requires an equipped headquarters and several operators. Remote monitoring is possible.


An innovative method of viewing video recordings through mobile devices and mobile applications is a 2020 trend that has already conquered the video surveillance market. For solving everyday tasks and business goals, a light, adaptive system of several smartphones or tablets is quite suitable. Wondering how to turn your old phone into a full-fledged mobile security system? Here is a selection of articles on this topic:

Application for viewing surveillance cameras via phone is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

Review of the best surveillance software. TOP-3

We are going to talk about those applications that have received excellent ratings from experts and users, have advanced functionality and can really be called “easy to use”. They can also be called programs with excellent integration and adaptive properties.


Faceter has developed a free mobile application that has become a solid bridge between a mainstream user and innovative video surveillance. The software allows you to watch videos online or through a cloud service. In this case, the video archive can be stored from 2 to 30 days. Access is provided via a web interface or via an app on another mobile device.

Ordinary users note that this app is “the simplest and most intuitive video surveillance application.” This is due to the intuitive algorithm and interface built into the service. In addition, the intelligent capabilities of the software will allow storing information about more than a million faces, as well as recognizing them in real time in a video stream. Recognition accuracy of 99.78% in the LFW test and 79.46% in the MegaFace test.


The program allows you to watch online broadcasts from IP and/or USB webcams (up to 4). The functionality allows for easy integration with cameras from most manufacturers. There is a possibility of adjustment: brightness correction, image contrast, frame rate, video quality, panorama change. You can record audio and get a separate audio track for analysis.

The program is a classic representative of its generation. It is rated positively.


Viewing video recordings from cameras (for any arbitrary period of time) is possible from a mobile device or PC. The program allows you to configure cameras: name, time zone, firmware update, change of secret key, etc.

It is possible to save traffic (up to 10 times) if cameras with memory cards and viewing from a PC are used.

How it works: low quality preview frames are uploaded to the cloud, and good quality images are saved on the device’s memory card. They can be uploaded to the cloud space at the request of the viewer. If you are watching video from a phone with a poor Internet connection, you can press the button to disable/enable HD video quality. However, in the cloud, videos are always saved in high definition. This function is very convenient for surveilling facilities with unstable Internet connection.

The program is easy to use and has a positive rating.


Quick viewing of videos is conducted through special software. We recommend using innovative mobile viewing technologies for a number of benefits. It’s about ease of installation, customization flexibility, easy adaptability, versatility, and general availability. Many programs are available completely free of charge.

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