Spy bugs: video surveillance system placed on insects

Do insects and video cameras have anything in common? Not long ago nobody even thought about it. But today we can already see what surrounds an insect. Modern technology not only satisfies human curiosity. Nature and technology is an interesting topic, let’s learn more about them in this article.

The world through the eyes of insects

The interaction of insects with video cameras is well known to users of video surveillance systems. It concerns the coexistence of the surveillance camera and the environment.

Not only atmospheric phenomena can harm the equipment, but also insects. What kind of harm can a small insect do? 

All kinds of mosquitoes, butterflies, and midges actively flock to the night illumination and cover the whole lens. After that the camera “eye” gets dirty and loses its ability to record well. The whole video surveillance system becomes inoperable or with a fuzzy picture. The same gnats can get inside the camera. And this will probably disable the camera completely.  

Insects flying to the camera’s illumination attract spiders as food. A spider’s web on the camera becomes a natural way for the spider to get food. Camera visibility is reduced, and the motion response feature will give false alarms.

Still, there is another side of the insect and video camera tandem. 

Using a surveillance camera on the back of an insect allows a person to “see” almost any inaccessible area. After all, any crevice is accessible to the insect. 

In the near future, spy beetles will be at the service of rescuers and law enforcement agencies. The development of miniature robotics actively contributes to this.

Technical parameters of the camera

Let’s look at the technical parameters of a miniature surveillance camera. 

The weight of the camera is 248 milligrams. The picture is black and white and the resolution is only 160x120px. The command to the rotary mechanism will allow the camera to turn sideways by 60 degrees, similar to the action of insects, which constantly turn their heads.    

The camera takes 1-5 shots per second. The battery lasts for a maximum of 2 hours of continuous camera operation. The charge lasts for 6 hours, provided that the camera only turns on when the insect abruptly changes its direction of movement.  

Robots in video surveillance

For more than five years, the world of IT has been using and constantly updating drone devices in the security industry. They are a great enhancement to security productivity. 

The robot video camera performs two important security guard functions: patrolling the area and signaling (alerting). This does not negate the need for a conventional video surveillance system. The drone only assists the stationary surveillance.

Robotics in video surveillance along with the installed surveillance system at times increases the effectiveness of video security and overall security of the object.   

Faceter – high technologies available

The Faceter cloud surveillance system has the widest and most advanced functionality. The Faceter surveillance service is actively used by large businesses and individuals. 

Technologies employed by Faceter not only ensure security but also collect analytical data and monitor the work of personnel. Read the article “Video analytics: work process control”. 

Such a system can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the world online.   

Video archive storage is absolutely safe and available at any time of the day or night, but only to the owner. The provider is responsible for storage. A set of features and tariffs are selected individually according to the needs of the user. Prices for the services start at 0 rubles. 


Video surveillance is constantly improving, introducing the latest technology and expanding the coverage area. Soon bugs and other insects will become video monitors. And why not, if new technologies benefit humans and protect nature from fires?

Александр Вебер

Alexander Weber

Specialist in video surveillance, video analytics, cloud storage systems. Consultant on the integration of video surveillance systems and tools in various business sectors. Over 10 years of industry experience.

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