Video analytics: work process control

Video analytics: work process control

Modern video surveillance cameras are entrusted with the responsibility not only to ensure security, but also to collect analytics to optimize the work of commercial companies. And innovative video surveillance technologies based on a decentralized network make intelligent video analytics available to businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will look at the principles of video surveillance from the point of view of intelligence abilities for monitoring the work of employees.

Goals and objectives of intelligent video analytics

In general, a video surveillance system with elements of artificial intelligence is aimed at solving the following goals and business tasks:

  • ensuring the safety of the facility and material goods;
  • motivating the labor activity of personnel and maintaining discipline;
  • control of the availability of personnel at their workplaces and identification of employees among visitors;
  • improving the quality of customer service and service;
  • maintaining statistics of visitors and their classification according to the specified parameters;
  • resolving disputable situations and ensuring the safety of life and health of employees;
  • saving money on hiring security guards, managers;
  • pragmatization of the company as a whole.


Video analytics is an integral part of a secure and manageable business, providing the owner with detailed reports of what is happening in real time and 24/7. Let’s take a look at the smart surveillance capabilities from Faceter:

  • store. Intelligent video analytics recognizes violation of service rules, and informs how many unique and regular visitors enter the premises. The system will also compile the appropriate lists and classify guests according to the configured parameters to facilitate the analysis of information.

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  • catering establishments. Video cameras will analyze the work quality of the staff and emotions of the visitors during communication with employees. And the compiled white and black lists can help to react in a timely manner if an unwanted or important guest comes to you.

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  • office. By installing the system, you will find out how much time employees spend on work and rest. You no longer have to independently monitor compliance with the rules and regulations: video analytics will notify you in case of a violation;
  • construction and housing co-op. Video surveillance will help you find out if the rules are being carefully followed and will provide control over labor protection and prevention of violations and theft among hired personnel. In addition, the system based on the compiled black and white lists will help prevent intruders from entering the construction site, yard, entrance or parking lot.

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  • warehouse. Owners monitor visitors and staff remotely, record violations on camera, marking everything in the application. Not a single event will go unnoticed.

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Extra video analytics capabilities for business

Intelligent facial recognition capabilities provide up to 99.8% recognition, carry out large-scale analytics and interact with the owner through notifications based on the system settings.

The face recognition mechanism works like this:

  1. Video is automatically storyboarded.
  2. Frames on which a person is recorded are grouped together.
  3. Next, all face images are centered. And each face is marked with a unique code to match with the existing database.
  4. This system allows you to accurately identify a person by a photo of their face, but does not share their personal data.

The global goal of the leading developers of intelligent video surveillance is to launch self-learning neural networks that will be able to act independently in real time. For example, if the system sees fire or signs of smoke, it will call the fire brigade. If a weapon is seen in the hands of a visitor, the police will be called. And if a camera sees a person who is not well, then it will call an ambulance.


Video analytics, as an integral part of employee video surveillance, is an unbiased and tireless assistant. This is especially true in the context of high competition, stagnation of household incomes and a decline in purchasing power. Adopt your business with the innovative Faceter software that gives you complete control over your work processes.

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